Should I Invest in a Branded Gel Hand Sanitiser?

Should I Invest in a Branded Gel Hand Sanitiser

Before COVID-19, you rarely saw hand sanitizers outside of doctor’s offices unless it was cold and flu season. The pandemic changed everything, including how companies market their name. Brand awareness is a massive part of any advertising campaign. By adding your company’s name to gel hand sanitizer, you’re putting your name out there and associating your brand with wellness. If you’re asking, “Should I invest in a branded gel hand sanitizer?” consider the facts.

Build Awareness with Branded Hand Sanitiser

Having your company name on a product is a huge marketing advantage, primarily when it provides an invaluable service that keeps customers, their families, and loved ones safe–like hand sanitiser. If someone takes their daily trips to the gym, gets coffee on the way to work, and stops at home before heading back out for errands in between mealtimes, that’s three opportunities to see your company name on hand sanitiser.

They’ll associate the product with protecting themselves from germs and bacteria that transfer through touch or contact, and it helps keep them healthy. Happy, well, customers keep coming back and share their happiness with your products and service with friends and family members. 

The Benefits of Promotional Items for Your Marketing Campaign

Promotional products are an excellent way to make a lasting impression on customers and potential clients. Branded hand sanitiser is a fast and easy marketing strategy that keeps customers healthier with every product application. They’re a great way to stay top of mind with consumers and have a tangible reminder of your brand every time they reach for that hand sanitiser.

You can brand promotional products with your company name, logo, motto, website address, phone number, event information, and anything else that helps your bottom line, including QR codes offering specials on your sales products or services. Customize them, so you get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Why You’re Seeing More Branded Hand Sanitiser

If you looked around your workplace right now, you’d probably find hand sanitiser on more desks than ever before. Gone are the days that people only used it for flu and cold season, but COVID-19 has changed that. Now people feel they need to protect themselves from germs and bacteria all year long.

When you have your company name on branded hand sanitiser keeps you top of mind with potential customers and current clients, helps them stay healthy, and is an easy way to market the business. 

Kick-Off Your Marketing Campaign

You’ve got an opportunity to protect customers and potential clients with hand sanitiser that your company sponsors or supplies. You can build awareness, increase brand recognition, and stay front of mind every time they reach for the gel product. 

Why wait? It’s time to kick off your marketing campaign with branded hand sanitiser. To find out about ordering promotional hand sanitisers with your company’s name, visit MXL Sanitiser Solutions and check out our branded gel hand sanitiser UK.