5 Packaging Design Tips For Big Impact

Packaging Design Tips For Big Impact

Buyers pay attention to product packaging more than ever before, and if your products aren’t enveloped by an eye-catching design, it is detrimental to your brand. Packages are no longer just a way to house products and let consumers know about the contents inside. Boxes are works of art that garner attention and infuse a sense of loyalty towards your company. Though your packaging should undoubtedly speak for itself, here are a few tips to enhance the unboxing experience:

Clarity And Simplicity Are Key

Sure, everyone loves a good mystery, but not when it comes to product packaging design. Your packaging should instantly make it clear what the product is and what it does. It’s these first impressions that last only mere seconds that determine the fate of your product.

Simplicity and minimalism are also highly sought after characteristics of great packaging design. Consumers are attracted to a less-is-more approach than info dumping on the box. When designing the outer box, consider playing with subtle graphics and different textures to bring a treat for the eyes!

Make It Personal!

Yes, a boring brown and bland box may still offer sufficient protection during shipping, but it won’t cement your product in the minds of consumers. As customers now view the box as part of the purchase experience, creating a design that truly understands your brand and conveys its message will positively impact customer retention rates. Make your brand’s box feel personalized and it will emotionally resonate with your customers.

Packaging Should Integrate With Your Brand

A great packaging design software can help you create a box for your product that integrates well with your brand. Elements such as color, typography, shape, and graphics should all seamlessly blend with your company’s intent. You want consumers to remember your company the next time they search for products within your category, which is why proper design is crucial to making this happen.

Typography Can Make Or Break The Design

When it comes to your packaging, chances are you’re looking at the whole thing as one finished product. However, it is important to pick apart the different factors that impact customer loyalty. Typography is among the most important factors to attract consumers as it’s responsible not only as a design element, but as a method of conveying the box’s contents. Use a font that’s not only easy to read, but scales well should it need resizing to fit the design.

Add A Reusable Function

As we focus more and more on leading sustainable lives, it’s important for brands to understand what consumers want. Add a reusable factor to your packaging so it can live on as something else. For example, you may choose to add cutouts that customers can use as decoration, or turn the box into an organizational tool by designing a background with a nice modern print. Having the ability to reuse the box and receive an extra reward for choosing your brand, consumers will flock to your packaging.

The ultimate goal of your packaging design is to offer functionality and a touch of luxury that will make customers feel valued.  Take a look at https://www.plastechgroup.com/injection-moulding/packaging-caps-and-plugs for more packaging ideas. A box’s design is the first impression everyone has of your product, which is why it’s doubly important to make wise design choices. From the colors and iconography used to the typography, it’s important to consider what the average consumer can gain from your product. A simple tweak to your design is all it takes to modernize your brand and make it memorable.