Reasons why you should frequently Swaddle your Baby

Reasons why you should frequently Swaddle your Baby

Whether you are a new mother or having another baby, you want your baby to be comfortable and sleep soundly. Swaddling a baby helps them sleep better and protects them from cold, especially if they like blankets. Swaddling is not a new habit seeing it has been practiced since time immemorial. It might appear tricky for beginners, but when you get the hang of it, you will find that it has several benefits for both your baby and yourself. Keep on reading to know these benefits.

Quality Sleep for the Baby

When you swaddle your baby in a baby sleeping bags, you wrap them carefully, holding their arms steady. In return, the baby does not move its hands. Thus, there are a few disturbances. Tiny babies don’t have control over their reflexes. They might be moving their hands in the air and accidentally hit the bed. This will result in them waking up. When a baby’s sleep is interrupted, they wake up angry. An angry baby is hard to soothe and will cry their guts out which further requires rocking, nursing, or bottle-feed them with baby formula, making you feel like you are going mad yourself. Swaddling the baby can prevent this. The baby will not be able to move their arms or body when sleeping. The result is a long nap that is peaceful and uninterrupted. When your baby gets quality sleep, they wake up happy, and you are all happy.

You get some Sleep

You never know the importance of good sleep until you have a young toddler who can’t sleep through a few hours. Just when you think that they are now asleep and you can relax, you are awoken by their side wailing. The reason your baby may not be sleeping well and keep on waking up might be because they are not comfortable. If you swaddle your baby, they become steady, sleep for a longer time, and you also get some sleep. When your baby wakes up, it is happy, and you are peaceful. You give your child the best care possible because you are well-rested.

It Protects Your Baby

Most parents stuff their baby’s bed with toys as a sign of showing love. It is also common to stuff your baby’s crib with blankets and pillows.  As much as this is a good gesture, these things can bring harm to your baby sometimes. A baby moves and throws hands a lot. If you are using a blanket to cover it, it might accidentally cover its face with the blanket and might be unable to breathe. To avoid this, you might have to keep on checking on your baby now and then, making you not have quality sleep. Swaddling your toddler can prevent all this. A swaddled baby does not move or throw hands. They are regular, and such occurrences are avoided. You don’t need to use a blanket when you have already swaddled your baby.


Swaddling a baby in a baby sleeping bag is a good way of improving your baby’s sleep. Other than that, it has other benefits like protecting the baby and also increasing your sleep time. If you have a tiny baby and have not yet started swaddling it, you should go for it.  It will improve your life.