Top 10 Attractions for Kids With Dinosaur Fever

Attractions for Kids With Dinosaur Fever

Your kids may have surely read about the prehistoric creatures, mostly dinosaurs, or may have seen some of the famous movies made on them. Surely, they might have imagined a number of times about how these creatures actually looked and why they were so much ferocious. With all those questions in mind, they can surely be taken to some of the best attraction places where they can meet up these giants in real.

Is your kid asking you several questions and is fascinating these prehistoric monsters? Well, this is a perfect time then to let them explore the lives of these giant animals. Just take the child on a trip to meet the dinosaurs at these amazing places and to add up some fun, get them a realistic dinosaur costume.

#1. Cedar Point

Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH brings the dinosaurs to live in the most accurate way. The scientifically created masterpieces roam around and roar to give you chills. There are also exhibitions of different fossils and let the children learn many things about these lost creatures.

#2. The Chicago Children’s Museum

This museum offers a perfect learning experience to the kids by letting them dig dinosaur bones and through various exhibitions. Children often get the dream of becoming an archeologist after visiting this place.

#3. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Situated at Pittsburg, this Museum has the finest collections of dinosaur fossils. There are different exhibits where the fossils are arranged in different attractive ways so that you can click pictures of them.

#4. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

This place is loaded with activities to make your kid’s trip a successful one. Touching a real bone of T-Rex or arranging the skeleton of a dinosaur, and many other activities here will surely let your child enjoy here in the best possible way.

#5. T-Rex Café

This is mainly a café and restaurant but has many other elements to make your daily a fun one. You can explore aquatic life, meteor showers, and animatronic dinosaurs roaming around you. The restaurant is situated at Lake Buena Vista and is not just known for its amazing interiors but also its super delicious food. They also offer a kid’s menu separately.

#6. Field Museum of Natural History

This Museum in Chicago is home to the largest preserve T-Rex skeleton till now. The kids can also watch a 3D movie about the evolution of the earth where they can also experience the time of the dinosaurs.

#7. Galleta Meadows

This museum is located in the dusty desert of Borrego Springs, California, and attracts a huge crowd each year. Spread out at an area of about 10 miles, this museum has a wide range of metal sculptures that shows the structures of not just dinosaurs but also other animals of that age such as sloths, mammoths, and others.

#8. Dinosaur Journey Museum

At Fruita, you will come across this amazing place that is surely going to keep your kids and you busy for the whole day. It has a laboratory where bones of dinosaurs are made, a library for reading facts about dinosaurs, and a good number of activities to involved children in such fossil digging and others.

#9. Dinosaur World

The Dinosaur World is situated at three different places in Texas and is known to be one of the most interesting places to explore dinosaurs. It does not just have a collection of real dinosaur bones but also the 20 acres area has many animatronic dinosaurs featured in natural settings for the children to know how they used to live in their time.

#10. Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Orlando is the house of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center that you have seen in the famous movie by Universal Studios. As you enter the massive gate, you are sure to get those goosebumps, remembering the scenes from the movie. You can see dinosaur eggs in the laboratory, and also these creatures peeping at you from the corners of the forest.

Whether you are taking your kids for an educational session or for a picnic, you will surely have a great time at all these places. Get your little one a realistic dinosaur costume and let him or her feel the thrill within being a part of the dinosaur age.