The Benefits Of Making A Product Management Certification Compulsory Before You Hire A Product Manager

The Benefits Of Making A Product Management Certification Compulsory Before You Hire A Product Manager

If customer satisfaction is your goal as a business owner, then you need a product manager to help you achieve that goal. They help your production team understand what the customer wants so that the result is a product that solves the need of the customer in terms of quality.

The service you get from a product manager is an end-to-end solution that begins with the definition of a product, planning product development, monitoring product development, launching the product along with measurement of results, and then trying to determine whether the end goal of solving the problem of the customer was achieved or not.

However, there is one crucial point you need to keep in mind. A prerequisite for the applicant would be a product management certification. There are enormous benefits for your company when the candidate has a recognized product management certification.

Reasons Why a Product Management Certification Should be Compulsory

The reasons for which you should make product management certification compulsory are:

Courses Created by Industry Experts:

Courses on product management certification are created with inputs from industry-experienced professionals with a collective experience of around 100-150 years. They know the latest trends in the product management domain and train the participants accordingly.

The course content keeps changing every year, and when you hire a certified product manager, they are skilled with the technology that is relevant in 2020. You will get professionals trained in the latest trends and who can implement their training in the shortest possible duration.

Customized Training:

There are various training options, and courses offered depending on the skill level of the product manager and their experience from beginner to advanced. This enables you to get certified product managers, depending on the grade you are hiring the product manager for.

Tailor-Made Courses:

Since each course offers a different specialization, you have the flexibility to hire someone according to your requirements. You can choose from candidates who have specialized in online digital product management, or online optimal product management and product marketing course.

Candidates certified in the online digital product management course will be conversant with targeted technical product management skills needed for digital product managers. They will be trained in dual-track product development and product management for Iterative and Analytical Product Development Environments.

Candidates who have undergone the online optimal product management and product marketing course will have core product manager skills, product lifecycles, and optimal product management process.

Your company gets specialists who will bring the best practices in the industry so that your products solve the customer’s problems or devise a marketing strategy to improve your revenues.

Covers Product Life Cycle

Apart from the industry-relevant topics, these certifications ensure that every participant undergoes the required training to master every stage of the product development cycle, including introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

Whether it is the inbound component of the process, like planning new products or outbound components like positioning or launching the product.

The tasks needed at every stage of the process are identified. When you hire a candidate with certification, they are ready to handle challenges that may arise at any stage.

Hands-on Experience:

Certification courses on product management equip the candidates with hands-on experience using persona development, lean methodology, jobs-to-be-done methods, and design thinking for iterative evolution of products. They will also know how to price a product for the digital market, Agile essentials, effective iteration, and product development at scale.

Candidates will be conversant with developing, testing, adjusting, and validating the hypothesis regarding the product-market fit that is data-driven. They will also be aware of the dual-track Agile approach that helps your company adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the customer.

Saving on Training Costs:

When you hire someone with a recognized certification in product management, you don’t need to train that person, and the candidate can start contributing to your revenues right after joining. They will be aware of the challenges of your industry and your product in particular.

If you hire someone without certification, the candidate will have to be given time for attending online sessions, and you will also have to pay the required course fees. This investment will have to be made in addition to the remuneration payable. A certified product manager will not need this investment in time and money.

Greater Customer Satisfaction:

The certified product manager will be able to analyze all the stages of your current product cycle and make the required changes needed to optimize it. This will be possible because the product manager has undergone training conducted by industry professionals, and they will be able to give you the best solutions for solving the problem of the customer.

When the product solves the problems of the customer, they are satisfied. This means that your long-term strategic goals are being fulfilled, and your revenues go up.

Better Communication Skills:

The product manager should have excellent interpersonal skills, and a certification will ensure that not only does the candidate understand the product, they are also able to communicate what is required to the various departments.

This would include technical knowledge of the product, analyzing market data, positioning the product, predicting costs, and managing budgets. The training given to certified product managers includes all these aspects related to product development.

The product manager will also be able to communicate with the end-user or the customer so that they can understand the pain points and expectations of the customer. This is the foundation of product development.

Improved Negotiation Skills:

Certification courses also teach participants negotiation skills that equip them to handle problems between different departments. These certified product managers can resolve issues with a data-driven approach, develop a rapport with all stakeholders and make an informed decision, remain objective, and use principled negotiation that results in the best outcome.

This will help improve the productivity of all your employees since they will be satisfied with the way the matter has been handled.

Watch Your Revenues Grow With Certified Product Managers

A certified product manager can be bench marked against the responsibilities that are given in the job description. You are assured a certain quality and productivity.

They will be trained in the latest strategies and technologies to ensure that your products meet the requirements of the customer. So choose a product manager with a recognized certification and enjoy higher profits.