10 Features why WooCommerce is Perfect for eCommerce?


As we know that WooCommerce by WooThemes is just another free WordPress plugin. However, it’s hard to find the same in the market, which encompasses the same level of potential.

It was launched in late September 2011; it’s been a decade since it is supporting the growth of the e-commerce platform. It has over 1.6M downloads from across the globe and still on the count.

Being an open-source platform, it has provided the users with extensive features with a hugely user-friendly experience, which makes it a perfect choice for eCommerce startups.

In this piece, we’ve tried to explain how Woocommerce fits for the budding online merchants.

It’s Free

As we know that currently on offer there is no shortage of high-quality eCommerce CMS, which helps merchants to sell their products and services easily on the online platform with unique innovations. But the only drawback that mostly strikes is that they come at a price, except the WooCommerce.

Moreover, it is completely free to download, right now. Despite its free nature, it is yet full of extensive offers, despite being free and open-source, WooCommerce offers extensive features which are out of the box. Furthermore, they all are also extremely flexible by nature with additional extensions.

Huge Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits that a new newcomer seeks at the eCommerce platform is he can exercise a whole lot of flexibility with their products without having a need of knowing too much about the technical side of things.

Also, the woocommerce stores are known for doing the trade of selling the physical, virtual and downloadable the affiliate/external products. Moreover, the products can be categorized in order of given sale prices, independent attributes, and more.

More than Ecommerce

The new merchants always find a comfortable spot to start their trade because first, they want to explore their environment, you know that business mind. Hence, right here WooCommerce doesn’t force its users to go out from their comfort zone while building their online store. In the meantime, it readily opens the door for more than just eCommerce.

For instance, the users of Woocommerce can build a full-fledged functioning online store within a professional website, and alongside an integrated blog. It increases your online presence and your all dimensions are harnessed in one place, which ultimately makes your management work easy to access seamlessly. You can thank to WordPress to create such a brilliant platform.

Familiar Friendliness

If you talk about WooCommerce, it is a hugely popular CMS support, which comprises 51% of the top million websites currently in existence, which speaks out its success and trust among the eCommerce starters and users. Moreover, it would be fair to say that many eCommerce startups has had started their career through it and turned it into a big business.

WooCommerce being a WordPress plugin, you would also have that user-friendly interface that creates a familiar environment when you’re creating own website. It saves your time and confusion, whilst bolstering creativity.

Various Customization Options

Whether Woocommerce is a free platform but it hasn’t made it a rigid platform. Even, it presents you a lot of room to customize and tweak your online store to bring a level of uniqueness in your business.

For your kind information, we would like to tell y’all that currently, being woocommerce user you can choose between 39 different enabled themes – many of them are free to use through its dedicated store. After selecting your theme, you can change its pre-set CSS styles and color themes. Also, you can tweak the code and do experiments with its special features which each theme offers. Along with it WordPress Push Notification service is also a good feature that comes with it.

Professional & Simple

As we all are familiar with WooCommerce’s free and user-friendly eCommerce platform,  But many get befooled with it by quoting that it doesn’t offer a professional outlook and solutions, but they are still unaware with the fact that woocommerce is quite prominent and promising in providing that particular area.

In the Woocommerce, you can also have detailed customer engagement and order tracking tools, which ultimately allow merchants and businessmen to view past and open orders, apply discounts, and update delivery statuses and so much more. In fact, the monitory and management handling tools like tax settings, inventory management, shipping options, coupon codes, etc. fall under it. Thus, don’t believe in the rumors, first use it and then make an opinion about it.

Easy Analysis

The core tool that any website owner wants its programming box is his analytic tool. Whether the new people don’t know how to use it into their websites and nor will they know what statistics need to be focused on the analysis. But thanks to WooCommerce, who has covered such merchants.

The built-in analytics system of Woocommerce makes a wide array of statistics logics crystal clear. Many figures like average order totals, total sales, sales by date, individual customer statistics and what not? They all are neatly presented through well presentable graphs. Even if you don’t need to leave your admin panel to practice it.

Apps Galore

You will get amazed that WooCommerce also has the ability to help any aspiring merchant to set up his online business, and run his business with ease and measurable professionalism. Moreover, if still someone looks for extra functionality, yet WooCommerce doesn’t disappoint him there.

There are numerous Woocommerce Extensions available, some are free of cost and some require a fee. You can find the application from these extensions related to marketing, reporting, payment gateways and so much more.

Room for Growth

Besides providing an ecommerce platform it also allows users to practice some growth and expansion in terms of management of store, customers, and products.

For instance, you can modify your templates and do it by putting in the desired theme directly via the theme files. You can also use many hooks and filters. Moreover, there are various APIs that are ready to be used for building extensions in the Woocommerce plugin along with an extensive documentation library. This way you can also know how woocommerce works.


Last but not least, the best reason to opt Woocommerce to set up your eCommerce startup is WooThemes.

The WooThemes are around for a while, which are widely used to produce stellar WordPress themes, plugins and extensions, including WooCommerce. Due to its wonderful track record of being reliable and exceedingly professional with their product and support system, the Woocommerce themes are very prominent throughout the online platform.