Common Causes and Solutions for AC Unit Water Leaks

Common Causes and Solutions for AC Unit Water Leaks

Are you noticing water leaks in your air conditioner? If yes, this blog will recognize the signs of AC water leaks and how to fix them? An air conditioner is the necessity of summers as no one can live a comfortable life in the scorching heat. 

Usually, a leakage in the air conditioner always shows some kind of mechanical problem, primarily due to lack of maintenance. Basically, the air conditioner generates condensation as its by-product of cooling. Still, when debris or dust interfere when it is working, leakage occurs inside and outside the air handlers.

Apart from that, leakage also happens due to unclean AC filters or poor installation. However, leakage is normal to some extent, but excessive leakage is not suitable for the unit. So, turn off the unit immediately and contact the top air conditioner repair company as soon as you can. If you don’t turn it off, it can break down due to accumulation. 

Now, if you want to know other signs of AC leakage and how to fix them, then read this blog. Let’s get started: –

  • Improper installation

If you have installed your air conditioner recently and it’s leaking, then most likely the main reason for this leakage is faulty air conditioner installation. That means both the AC unit and the drainage pipes are not proportional. 

These things disrupt the water flow out of the drainage pan directly to the outlet. In this case, the water flows backward or lies at the same level. 


When professionals come to your home for installation, make sure that the pipe is at a lower height than the main unit. This thing helps the water to flow downwards directly towards the drainage outlet. However, if you are looking for air conditioner repair at Dana Point, search thoroughly for the companies that offer this service. 

  • Rusted or damaged drain pan

A drain pan is located under the AC’s evaporator coils and sometimes in the air handler to catch condensation as it drips. Here, the water flows into the drain line and outdoor unit. But if the drain pan gets damaged or rust, this water will start leaking instead of traveling into the drain line.

This problem occurs when your AC is around 15-20 years old. 


To fix this issue, you have to be carefully and securely sealed. First of all, clean the drain pan and after that with the help of limelight and pouring water identify the cracks. However, to seal these cracks, use good-quality sealant and test it by pouring down the water.

If this solution doesn’t work, replace the rusted drain pan and call the top air conditioner repair Dana Point. 

  • Clogged drain pipe

This is one of the most common problems in almost every AC unit. Dirt and debris can easily block the drainage pipe of the unit, which will also block the condensate from flowing out from the drainage system. It will automatically overflow from the main air conditioner unit when this water doesn’t flow outside. 


If you want your AC will work efficiently without leakage, then clean the unit on a regular basis. If you don’t want to follow the do-it-yourself approach, then you can call the expert to do the needful for you.

  • Frozen evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are the parts of the indoor unit which cause leakage due to refrigerant leaks or blockage airflow. When evaporator coils freeze, it will lead to moisture buildup and also cause drain pan overflow and water leakage.


To fix this problem, you have to find the primary source of the issue and cater to it. That means if there is an airflow blockage, you need to check air filters, ducts, fin coils, return vents, etc. Clean them, which will restore the airflow which will help in fixing the freezing evaporator coils.

Moreover, if this solution doesn’t work, your AC unit is low on refrigerant. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this issue, and it becomes compulsory to contact an HVAC technician. 

  • Debris-filled air filters.

Due to dirty air filters, evaporator coils can also freeze because leakage can occur. The air filters of the AC unit need proper air circulation as they trap air pollutants and allow clean air to enter the house. While taking fresh air, they also accumulate dust, which completely clogs the filters.

However, this blockage can harm the unit and lead to weak HVAC airflow. 


Due to dirty air filters, if your AC is suffering from water leakage, ensure to collect the dripping water properly. That means don’t allow that water to damage your floor and walls. After that, clean your filters and let the filters dry completely before putting them in the AC. You can take help and call Comfort Experts Inc

Here it is advised to clean the air filters more often during peak season. 

The bottom line

These are some common causes of AC water leaks and their solutions. Well, you can quickly fix some of these issues yourself, but not all. So, according to experts, it is always the best idea to call a professional to fix the problems to check if other things are fine or not. 

Moreover, remember that if you want your AC to work for a long-lasting period, make sure to go for annual maintenance for your air conditioner with a professional. This process will keep your AC in good condition for a long time. 

I hope this blog is helpful for you in keeping your AC efficient.