4 Steps to Securing Your Patent for the Advancement of Your Business


If you have invented something cool, useful and original and you are in no mood to make others rich on the avails of your invention then you probably need to patent it. A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, use or otherwise benefit from his invention for a set period. It ensures that no one else can steal your unique design or idea.

As an innovator, you may be driven by many ideas, but if you want to commercialize your ideas you cannot avoid the issue of securing your patent. So, get the best professional advice you can or contact some of the reliable patent registration services in San Diego to protect your innovation. This will help you to move ahead in the competition and perversely bring more advancements to your respective business.  Be clear of your goals before you hire a patent attorney and preserve your invention to make this world a better place.

Overall Patent process

Obtaining patent protection is a daunting task so you should understand all the processes of securing your patent.  The application process can be made much simpler with the assistance of an experienced attorney and determine what type of patent you need. Whether you need a Utility, Design, or Plant patent? Below is a brief outline of the basic 4 steps you will need to take before filing a patent application.

Step 1: Keep a written record of your invention and get opinion whether it qualifies for patent protection

Record every step of the invention process in a notebook and search whether the patent office is like to grant a patent on the invention. Besides, your invention must be new from all previous inventions in that field or they might invalidate your patent. So, you have to disclose relevant information to the patent office describing every aspect and every modification of the invention. Don’t waste time and money applying for a patent if you feel that the patent examiners will immediately reject your application.

Step 2: Assess the commercial potential and then file for a patent application

Apply for a patent application if you feel that the investment you are about to make it worth the outlay of funds for the advancement of your business. The preparation and filing of the patent application involve describing your invention which also allows another person to make and use your invention.

Step 3: Conduct a thorough patent search before patent prosecution

Before the prosecution of your invention, you need to thoroughly search all the earlier developments in your field.  You need to investigate all publications like scientific and technical journals, to find related inventions to be prepared to have a faceoff between the patent attorney representing the Patent Office. The argument is to convince the examiner that your invention is worthy of a patent and how your invention improves upon or is different from these earlier developments. Even if you decide to hire a professional or a firm, you know more about your invention than anyone, so you are the best person to convince the patent office of your invention.

Step 4: Pay maintenance fees or proceed with appeal and abandonment

If the patent applicant is successful in the prosecution stage and you can obtain a patent, then there are maintenance fees that are due after issuance of your patent. If your application for patent is unsuccessful in the prosecution stage then there are two cases in which you can abandon the patent application or appeal the decision to an independent board for review.

This is the overall general process for obtaining a patent. If you would like to know more and apply for a patent for your business advancement then please do not hesitate to contact us.