When Should You Call Up Air Conditioning Service Providers?

Air Conditioning Service

Once spring has passed, there comes the hot scorching days of summer. In the oppressive heat of summer, you have no option but to rely on your trusty old air conditioner, in order to ensure a cool indoor temperature. However, the air conditioning systems are very much prone to frequent break downs if not maintained properly. Learn about some of the most typical AC repair difficulties that necessitate the use of experienced air conditioning service providers. 

Hot Spots

The problem emerges as a result of insufficient cooling, particularly in a specific area of your home. The inability of your air conditioner to cool a specific location might be caused by a system imbalance. The underlying issue might be a leak or break in the AC ducting. 

If the ducts are unable to adequately extract hot air and replace cool air, the cool air may be unable to reach particular regions of your home. You may need to make adjustments to your air handler. When you install a zone control system, any of the electric AC dampers may get stuck and it could lead to the problem of ‘hot spots. Air conditioning service can help you in this regard. 

Inadequate Cooling 

If your air conditioner is not cooling the surroundings as much as it used to, then you must understand that there is any problem. When there is a shift in the ability to keep your home cool, you may want air conditioning service. The actual cause might be any of these: 

  • Some problem with the blower motor
  • A blocked or soiled air filter 
  • Coils that have frozen

To minimize additional damage, it is critical to choose fast repair and you need to call up expert air conditioning service providers

Thawed Coil 

A frozen coil may indicate an airflow issue, clogged return air duct, or obstacles caused by unclean air filters. 

  • A blocked air filter is often the most typical reason why an evaporator coil gets frozen. As they are so near, the difficulty of cold air to get through the air filter might lead to collection in the air handler. This might cause the coil to freeze.
  • There might potentially be a problem with the blower motor.
  • Low refrigerant levels might also cause your AC system inside coils to freeze.

Clogged Air Filter 

A blocked or filthy filter can restrict airflow and impair the performance of your air conditioner. As a result, its capacity to properly cool air might be limited. It is critical to clean the filter in your air conditioner after every 1 – 2 weeks. Air conditioning service specialists often recommend changing air conditioner filters once a month at least, especially in households with pets or in businesses where AC systems operate continually. 

Warm Air Leaking In 

You should look at the window seals around the air conditioner, in order to make sure that there is: 

  • No outflow of cold air, or
  • No entry of heated air.

If this is the case, reseal the seals surrounding the air conditioner with the help of weather stripping. 

Wiring Flaws 

Keep in mind that A/C wiring can be dangerous when uncertified or haphazard, and it can even lead to fire concerns. Faulty wiring might trip the circuit breaker or even prohibit your air conditioner from drawing power. You should call an air conditioning service provider during this time. 

Outside Fan Not Working 

The exterior fan of your air conditioner moves heat to the outdoors from your room. Heat transfer cannot take place if the fan on the outer unit of your AC is not working correctly. Your AC system’s compressor could overheat, which would cause the safety overload to be activated. Compressor internal damage is also a possibility. 

You should call air conditioning service provider professionals for a routine examination at least once a year, prior to summer season, in order to inspect any faults with your air conditioning machine that may require repair. 


Your air conditioner is not only a source of comfort but happens to be a costly piece of equipment as well. When it fails to perform effectively, it is critical to call up a reputable air conditioning service specialist.