Choosing the Best Diamond Engagement Jewellery in Kerala

Diamond Engagement Jewellery

Kerala has come a long way from being known as the Spice Garden of India since 3000 BC. It has beautiful beaches, coconut and palm trees, and stunning backwaters. There are a lot of places to choose from when planning a modern engagement. But what will take up most of your time is selecting an engagement ring from the best diamond jewellery in kerala. Everything that there is to know about diamonds may look stressful. But the perfect stone will be worth it, especially when you know what to consider before making that purchase.

Pick a shape

Earlier, there were just two preferred shapes. A princess-cut creates the illusion of a big stone while an emerald cut shows the clarity of the gem. But nowadays, there are a lot more shapes available. The one you choose should be about personal style – yours and your partner’s. Round shapes highlight the brilliance of a diamond the most. The stone shaped like a cushion is a vintage square cut. A pear-shaped stone looks fragile on a thin setting. If your partner has long fingers, an oval shape is your best bet. The possibilities for shapes are endless.

Consider the personality of your partner

Before buying her an engagement ring, sit and consider her personality. If the other half of your heart is adventurous and would instead trail through the Wayanad, then a delicate ring might not be a good shape to give her. When you are planning an engagement in Bekal, then an emerald cut might suit the proposal so she can see through the diamond.

Visit the jeweller

The best diamond jewellery in Kerala will also have the most qualified jeweller to answer your questions. Please do your research online so you can check out the kinds of rings they have. After that, schedule a visit to their brick-and-mortar store. Seeing the ring in person solidifies your resolve that you have finally found the perfect one for your partner. The jeweller can tell you the kind of diamond, what to look for, and if there are papers with it. Diamonds have to be certified by a third-party such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America.

Size doesn’t matter unless it does to your partner

Size did matter a few decades ago. A newly-engaged woman would generally show off a ring with a rock the size of a fist. It would have been the envy of all her girlfriends. But in recent times, that is not the case anymore. Most women now consider engagement rings as an extension of their personalities. Some think clarity and colour to be more important than size. Sometimes, what matters is the existence of the ring, and the physical properties are not as important. So to be sure of your purchase, first gauge the wants of your partner.

Choose a setting

Have you chosen a band to set the diamond in? A rock is just that if there is no setting with it. Knowing what frame to put the gem in is equally important. The whole ring should reflect the style of the person. So consider the likes and needs of your partner when choosing.

You want to plan a perfect wedding and a Kerala Houseboat honeymoon, but your engagement comes first. It should be just as important, too. Giving your partner the best diamond ring will make her happy, with memories enough to last you both a lifetime.