Why Should You Implement Push Notifications on your Mobile App?

Why Should You Implement Push Notifications on your Mobile App

The success of mobile applications is not only dependent on its development process. For the sake of generating business from your application marketing plays a major role, because it focuses on bringing higher conversion rates and retaining the users. 

Moreover, in the digital world a tiny feature can make a huge difference. And for smart computers such as smartphones, short, but concise marketing tactics have always emerged as a successful plan. And mobile push notifications are a significant part of it, whether it is about android and iOS push notification both are equally significant for their related platform.

When our mobile phone rings, we forget all the things to see what has come in it. Some of those, beep and tweet-tweet sounds are the indications that you’ve received push notifications.

We all are aware of it, but do we know what it is actually?

To know the Importance of push notification for your dedicated mobile application, first, we should know what it is actually. 

What are mobile push notifications?

Very much like web app push notifications, the push notification for mobile phones is a short message, which includes precision and concision and directly sent to the customer’s and subscriber’s mobile phone. To have push notification services active the users should have downloaded the related application on their mobile phone. Afterwards, they can have product updates, offers, discounts, and important features notifications that require the user’s attention.  

The bottom line says that push notification allows businesses to deliver the necessary messages in a unique way to add value and keep their interest in your application. With good copywriting skills, it can be considered as an art of retaining customers.

After understanding the concept of push notification let’s know its significance in the growth of your mobile application.

Here you go,

Benefits of Mobile Push Notifications.

There are so many benefits that can be mentioned here, but we are focusing on the top 3 benefits of adding push notification in your marketing campaigns:

Helps to retain more customers

To understand this point, ask yourself about “how many times you’ve opened most applications which are downloaded on your smartphone. Your answer would be “a couple of times”, then what’s the profit of their being downloaded and never get used. 

Now, we want to ask you, do the same is happening with your developed mobile app?

If yes, then this is where you can use push notification to retain your customer base.

We are not saying it without a rationale, the statistics say that about 90% of the downloaded apps are only opened once, in the meantime, 16% of users will check any application not more than 2 times. 

Hence, curating informative, personalized, interactive push messages can do wonders for your app. But don’t overdo this trick. It might make your users irritate and let them unsubscribe your page.

Drives Conversion

The push notifications are not only known to grab the attention of your users. With a suitable call to action, it can drive more new customers or users for you. It can provoke your subscribers for instant action like purchasing your application. 

Various studies have shown that the conversion rate can be increased 4X by sending behavioral and intelligent real-time push messages. The Loyalytics studies say that only 15% of users who click to the push messages are converted into a real buyer as compared to 54% of users who have clicked on a push message out of 100% viewers.

Increase User Engagement

After driving a huge audience on your app it also creates a balance and avoids balance with them. It is because sometimes your users can find it irritating. If you find a good frequency, which includes the number of times you send notifications and double it with the interactive and worth driving content to push, then you are always good to go to retain your subscribership.

Many studies have said that users receiving less than five notifications per week can reduce the opt-out of push notifications.  

We hope that this piece has helped you to understand the significance of push notification for your developed application.