5 Safety Precautions Before Getting a Firearm Permit

5 Safety Precautions Before Getting a Firearm Permit

You might be getting a firearm because you want to feel safe. There is nothing wrong with obtaining a firearm if you understand the risks involved. Firearms are a considerable risk and must be appropriately handled, especially if you intend to keep them at home. If you have a family, the risks tend to increase.

You must ensure that you can safely store the firearm. Also, you must get professional training on handling firearms. During your training, you will learn all the safety precautions to take before you get your firearm permit. Below are five safety precautions you should know before you get your firearm.

Never Store a Loaded Firearm at Home

In many instances, storing a firearm at home can be a problem. If you have young children or have frequent visitors, storing a loaded firearm in the home can be dangerous. If possible, you should always store your firearm in a safe location at home. For example, you can get a safe to lock your firearms. 

Sometimes, children can still get their hands on a loaded firearm, even with a gun storage safe at home. So, if you must store a loaded firearm at home, ensure the safe is not visibly accessible. You can keep it under the bed or in a compartment on your wall unit. You must keep the ammunition separate from the firearm as an additional precaution to ensure your family is safe.

Educate Your Family About Firearm Safety

All family members of the right age must be taught about safe firearm practices. Teach your children the same safety precautions you would take at an age-appropriate level. If you are a parent, you must teach your children to store a firearm safely. Also, teach them how to check the safety and keep their fingers off the trigger whenever they accidentally access a firearm. To ensure your family is safe, you can pass the knowledge about firearm safety you acquired from a concealed weapons class.

Lock Firearms and Ammunitions Separately

When storing firearms, you should always store the ammunition in a different location from the firearm. If you kept the firearm with the ammunition, you make it easy for a third party to load the weapon and use it against you. For example, if a burglar breaks into your home and accesses your gun safe, they can load the weapon and use it to rob or harm your family.

Also, if you have a child interested in firearms, you should be careful not to store the firearm with ammunition in the exact location. Children tend to be curious, and they might attempt to use the weapon in your absence. You cannot control your child’s curiosity. The best thing to do would be to educate them about the proper way to handle or store firearms and ammunition under supervision.

Treat a Firearm as if It Was Loaded

When you receive your firearm permit, you must treat a firearm as if it were loaded. You must ensure the safety is engaged, and the gun shouldn’t be easily accessible. Also, it would be best to never put it in a location where it can fall into the wrong hands. If you left your home with the gun, ensure it is properly concealed.

Keep Your Finger Away From the Trigger

You must keep your fingers away from the trigger when handling a firearm. It only applies if you are not the one shooting. If you are the one shooting, you must point the muzzle in a safe location and keep your finger away from the trigger. Always remove your finger from the trigger when you don’t intend to shoot.

Always Point the Muzzle in a Safe Direction

When you point the muzzle in a safe direction, you ensure that the firearm doesn’t hit the wrong target when accidentally fired. A safe direction means ensuring that the firearm is not pointed at anyone within your vicinity. Also, if you are in a residential area or any public area, there isn’t any safe direction to point your gun as a misfire can hit people at any range or location. Avoid public areas if you are carrying or discharging a firearm, and if you do, you must be extremely careful about your handling of the weapon.

Firearms are a tremendous source of power. You must understand how to store the firearm safely and properly handle it when it is loaded and firing. There are many instances when the use of a firearm is acceptable, but only when you have the proper training.