Marketing Hacks for Fitness Instructors

Fitness Instructors

The goal of every fitness management trainer is to help people lead better and longer lives than before. However, the success of your training comes down to your marketing strategies. You want your techniques to appeal to a broad audience, not just a handful of people.

The question that then arises is, how can you utilise creative small business marketing hacks to build your clientele and boost customer experience?

Leverage Social Media

Today, especially in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has triggered a lockdown in most parts of the world, a large number of people use social media as a pastime. Apart from connecting with friends and keeping tabs on eventualities, some use it to look for gym memberships in their locations.

Keeping in mind that social media is your strongest customer communication channel to grow your fitness business. Kick-off your digital marketing efforts by launching a campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While there, share fitness tips and quotes, explore exercise science, talk about the benefits of the exercise movements and hype your efforts with scheduling software, which is better known as a personal training management system.

Comment on Blogs

This is an old school technique that every search engine optimiser leverages to drive traffic to their websites. It is considered a grey area in ethical marketing, but you can formulate it in a way that is right and ethical. When used correctly, this can be your biggest marketing asset.

The hack here is to comment on areas of your profession and interest by giving feedback and positive thoughts. Look for blogs that are related to your niche and be careful to provide positive insight.

Once the blogger feels that your comment is helpful, they will not just read and digest on your details but click on your website to find out what you do. Consider it a digital equivalence of being close with the manager of the company you are eyeing for a job posting.

Entice Prospects with Special Offers

This hack may feel applicable to other industries, but it is especially very critical in fitness marketing. Remember that the fitness industry is crowded, and you must stand out. How can you entice your audience? Go beyond offering a bottle of water by giving something more tangible.

Think about a personal training session both at the gym and online, a day or week of free classes and a free trial for the first-month subscription. Once you convince them that with your help they will have an improved lifestyle, the chances are high that they will make a financial investment.

Understand that most customers today choose fitness services that offer online booking. In that case, find a tech company such as Gymcatch to create a booking system for you. A booking system or a fitness instructor software should allow your clients to make a booking remotely for superb customer experience.

Ask for testimonials and Social Proof

Do not be afraid to approach satisfied customers for reviews. Understand that at least 97 percent of consumers consult reviews before trusting a brand. Have a real customer give a testimony of your services and credibility.

This will have a more significant impact than any other promotion you may stage about your skills. Add these details to your social media accounts and website. This is a competitive way of getting honest feedback and boosting social proof.

Engage Email and SMS Marketing

Most of your customer communication could be through email or bulk text messaging. Prospects may be wondering if you have an email list. Although email and text message marketing may be viewed as old fashioned modes of business communication, they are crucial digital marketing strategies for every business, including fitness.

Take advantage of your contact information to create an email list and engage text message marketing. Send weekly workout tips to your clients and guides for free. Email and SMS marketing could just be your best rewarding hack.

Watch Google Trends

Millions of people use Google every day to search for products and services. Take advantage of real-time data that is available on Google trends to find out what your prospects are looking for. The best way to benefit from this information is by identifying a niche. Look for searches related to it. Hijack that information to divert traffic to your website by coming up with sharable and interesting content related to those keywords.

Focus on Personal Branding

Personal branding is about staging yourself and your training as a brand. It should be a constant process of building and maintaining your reputation to create a positive impression. When approached correctly, it can be a powerful tactic of ensuring that your image stands out.

Personal branding attracts prospects and keeps them. Stay focused on your small business marketing strategies and be genuine. Keep remarketing to remind those leads on edge to sign up with you. This will encourage those not sure about your services to give it a try.

Success in fitness management marketing largely comes down to three things- passion, focus and strategic thinking. This could be the perfect time to create a booking system or scheduling software by engaging Gymcatch to build your brand and help you in becoming an authority in your niche. A fitness instructor software may be all you need in your techniques to convince your customers.