Getting The Most Out Of Your Car Service

Getting The Most Out Of Your Car Service

Some aspects of a car service are easily accomplished with a little bit of know-how. If you have just bought your first car, you may not yet appreciate the importance of keeping track of basic car maintenance. This includes checks you can do yourself. But it is still important to take your vehicle for its annual check-up with a professional. Here are the basics.

Basic Knowledge for Maintaining Your Car

Check your windscreen wipers regularly. You will be glad you did when you are caught out in a heavy rainstorm and visibility is poor. These blades need to be changed once or twice a year in a simple process that anyone can do. Driving with old blades can scratch your windscreen and leave streaks of dirt that impair your view of the road.

Your owner’s manual will tell you how often to change your car’s oil. This becomes dirty over time and no longer functions properly to keep your vehicle running smoothly. You can check your oil by mileage or do it at home. Check your battery, too, as many only last a few years, usually not as long as the warranty.

Check your tyre pressure and, again, your manual will tell you what it ought to be. You will want to have the wheel alignment tested annually by a professional tyre company. This ensures that your steering is straight. Worn tyres are a key safety driving hazard and they can be evaluated at the same time as you have your alignment done.

Other Items You Will Want to Check While Changing Your Oil

Disc brakes are made of ceramic pads that get worn down from their original thickness over time. This can compromise your safety and ability to stop the car smoothly and in time. If you rotate your tyres every time you change the car’s oil, use this as a suitable time to check the wear on your brakes.

Just as frequently assess your air filter, and more often if you have been driving through a very dusty area. This dirty air is trapped by the air filter to prevent it from going into your engine. After a while, it can no longer cope.

Become familiar with all the hoses and belts on your car and ensure that there are no tears or loose-fitting items. A broken belt can leave you stranded.

Finally, keep an eye on your spark plugs. If one or more is not functioning, your car’s performance will be affected. These should be replaced every 60,000-75,000 miles.

Getting A Service Done Professionally

On average, it costs £1,295.52 per year for a professional service and year-round maintenance for your car in the UK. Even a car hired through a leasing company needs to have its annual service performed. Some of these provide optional maintenance packages included with the hiring cost. This could give you a per annum saving of roughly £159.

Not having a service done can lead to major repairs being needed and does not save you money in the long run as these will cost far more. Find a maintenance service you trust and take your car in annually. For car servicing Staffordshire, go to Riverside Car Sales.

Word of mouth from friends is the number one way to choose your service provider.

A car is a necessity for many. Keeping it in top condition will increase your driving pleasure and prevent stress and unexpected expenditure when you are least able to afford it.