The Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

Most of the times Kitchen cabinets are made of wood. These Kitchen cabinets is way to store food, vegetables, fruits and other kitchen appliances. Modern kitchen cabinets have the facility to integrate refrigerators, oven and dishwashers with it. Coloring kitchen cabinets is a fun, you can convert your dull and dry kitchen cabinets into pleasant. If your kitchen looks happy and pleasant it will refresh your mood during cooking. Moreover, painting your kitchen cabinets will enhance their beauty and life by saving them from different bugs too. There are many color schemes that can be applied to make your kitchen cabinets lush and beautiful.

You can use different colors in a kitchen to make amazing contrast such as White & Gray, Rich Blue & Sky Blue, Sage Green & Ash White. Sometimes making contrasts of same colors with different shades can generate wonderful results.

#1. White and Dark Gray

It is a wonderful idea to paint your kitchen cabinets with different colors. White and Dark Gary colors can be used to make a good contrast. You can paint the cabinets with two different colors to make it amazingly splendid. There are versatile combinations of White and Dark Gray that can be used to make different styles and contrasts. The cabinets door center may be painted with White color and sides of cabinets with dark gray color to make a good contrast. The main parts of kitchen cabinets should be painted with white color as it will brighten the whole kitchen.

The center face of spice cabinet door with white and the outer wooden layer with dark gray color is a good color scheme to make your kitchen look brighten. This type of color scheme is beneficial for those areas where sunlight is lessening. White and dark gray combination make your kitchen shiny and lighten.

#2. Crispy White:

White color is a symbol of happiness and freshness. This color has a soothing effect on our mind and soul. Coloring your kitchen cabinets with crispy white color is a wonderful idea. If you color your kitchen cabinets with crispy white, you will feel happy and fresh while cooking food. All the kitchen will be shiny and lightening. Different color knobs can be used for your kitchen cabinets. Almost every color can make a good contrast with white color. You may use golden knobs, silver knobs and dark color knobs. Dark color knobs with white kitchen cabinets is a good choice. These dark color knobs would create a unique contrast with white color kitchen cabinets.

#3. Cool Mint:

Cool mint is a color of peace and relaxation. When you see cool mint color you fell relaxed. This is such a beautiful color that everyone would like it. You never get tired while seeing it. Painting your kitchen cabinets with soothing cool mint color is an amazing idea. You can make your kitchen environment beautiful and happy with cool mint color.

You can use two different shades of cool mint to give it a better look and contrast. The outer layer of the kitchen cabinets with dark cool mint and the center panel of draw would give unequaled look.

Kitchen cabinet draw handle and knob colors also play a vital role to make your kitchen cabinet make more splendid and lush. If you are using light cool mint color, then a dark color handle or knob would be a better choice and vice versa.

#4. Statement Blue:

Statement Blue is such a wonderful color that I have never seen such a soothing color in my life. Your mind feels energetic and calm in a bluish environment. It is very important that you should feel calm to prepare good food. It is a happy color and will make you cheerful during cooking.

You can make a beautiful contrast of white walls with statement blue kitchen cabinets. You can use silver color knobs and handles with kitchen cabinets’ draws.

#5. Warm Yellow

It is a color of warm, emotions and makes you feel completeness. Passionate people paint their kitchen cabinets with warm yellow color. It gives a unique look not only to your kitchen but also to your home. It is such an amazing color to make to you happy while you are cooking for your family. Dark color kitchen draw knobs or handles make it more unique and ideal. If you want to surprise your friends and family with your imagination skills , choose this color. White shelves, silver knobs and warm yellow kitchen cabinets is a good contrast.

If you choose warm yellow color kitchen cabinets with dark gray / black shelves on the wall will create a new look to amaze everyone who would visit your kitchen. It is such a good contrast that everyone would be stunning.

#6. Timeless gray:

when we are talking about the kitchen color scheme the grey color is very suitable for the kitchen cabinets. Mostly people use this color not only for cabinets but also paint their walls. Timeless gray color is very traditional, stylish and attractive. Even I also use this color for my kitchen cabinets.

Grey and white classic timeless kitchen cabinets is the best color combination now a day its gives the perfect look for your kitchen. Don’t forget to use the silver/golden knobs for your kitchen cabinet if you want to show your creativity to your friends.

#7. Sage Green:

Sage green color kitchen cabinets is a good choice if you want a healthy, warm and colorful environment. Sage green kitchen cabinets with black knobs gives amazing look to your kitchen. Moreover, you can use dark shades of the same color to make good contrast.

Green sage kitchen cabinets with corner silver refrigerator and silver stainless steel hood for spoons and pots would amaze everyone. Moreover, stainless steel sink will add more beauty to your green sage kitchen.

If you want to create strong contrast with your sage green kitchen cabinets then you may use dark knobs with draws, black or gray shelves for pots and wood color kitchen furniture.

#8. Bold Orange:

If you want to feel happy while cooking, then use bold orange color kitchen cabinets. Bold orange color shows your imagination and express your emotions. You would always feel excited while cooking.

It is a good idea to paint your spice draws and kitchen cabinets with lively and energetic bold orange color. There are different orange color shades are available in the market but bold orange is the best choice.

You can use bold orange color with stainless steel knobs of draws. If your kitchen walls and ceiling is painted with any dark color such as gray, indigo and coffee color and dark green etc. then bold orange color is the best choice to make your kitchen look lush and splendid.

It always makes a good contrast with any dark color environment.

Bold orange color kitchen cabinets integrated with black oven, black refrigerator, black pot stand and black knobs of the draws would amaze everyone.

Thanks for the space from Enuotek Lighting Design, using black or gray color tiles on the floor and ash white or gray ceiling, then try bold orange color. Believe me this combination would be stunning.

If your walls and ceiling is painted with crispy white color that color will surprise you by making a wonderful contrast.

#9. Moody charcoal:

Dark color kitchen cabinets are use in that area where people are not like very bold or shiny color. You must make sure that not color your cabinets is enough for your kitchen, you must use the dark color tiles while choosing the color for your cabinets. It makes your kitchen fabulous and lush. You can use the grey/white color combination for your kitchen walls. We some good idea for you, chose any one and make your kitchen amazing.

#10. Cream-eggshell:

For precise temperature that stare at your kitchen you need to try something different and antique. It’s a good idea for color the cabinets to make shinier and stunning. you need to try the creamy eggshell color for kitchen cabinets. The Platinum antiques really explain the panels on the doors. The back slash of the wood particle tile adds a comfortable feel when you are in the kitchen for cooking and spent time while eating. At the end the eggshell color gives you the complete look and also amaze your family.

#11. pale yellow-green

Only a cool color can build a color that does not get much of a natural light and it feels dark and vibrant. Using the pale yellow color for your kitchen cabinet enhance the beauty. You do not color everything in yellow, you can use the white color window and shelf to make more beautiful.

#12. Pale green:

pale green kitchen with lot of sage and bamboo splashes to add a charming personality with plenty of storage.

Why should you do not make your kitchen cabinets pale green? The pale green cabinets are an awesome choice and a modern touch to a homely design. The white walls and floor color make your kitchen so stunning.

#13. Brown-gray:

I believe that the old or traditional kitchen cabinets are more famous then the new kitchen cabinets because many of peoples are color their kitchen cabinets of brown-gray color. Good-looking brown color kitchen cabinets is furnished with stainless steel hood mounted to brown-gray marble with backsplash tiles.

#14. Mix gray & beige

You are looking for timeless sophisticated neutral color that won’t be too delicate in the kitchen cabinets. This one is outstanding idea to embrace the Mix Gray and beige color for your kitchen cabinets. This gray combination is would look gorgeous in nearly any kitchen.

#15. Rich blue:

Blue kitchen cabinets are increasingly popular new trend now a day. There are many different shades are available in the market, but you need to choose the best and sophisticated color for your kitchen. The rich blue tone for kitchen cabinets is the new color and also it will surprise you guests. Rich blue cabinets are looking more attractive with the grey wooden floor and concrete ceiling.

#16. Ocean & sky:

 You can use the two same color but these colors are definitely in different shades. It is hard to see your kitchen in the blue color, but in the manner able way you can love to spent time in your kitchen and even you can breathe easily. Ocean and sky color cabinets are make you feel so relaxed, peace, greatness and quit. Sometime you see the sky and ocean that gives you the feeling of peace and makes your soul happier.

So, why you do not use the blue color shade for your kitchen.


Every color has its uniqueness and charming. You may choose any color of your choice. The most important thing is to consider the color of your kitchen’s walls and floor too to make a better contrast to stun the visitors.

If you are using some dark color, then use a light color to make a better contrast.

In this regard different shades of the same color can also be used to make a lovely and charming contrast for your kitchen cabinets. imagination Colors also is a way to express your imaginations and emotions so choose them wisely.

Some colors are soothing and make your mind feel relaxed and are good choice to create good environment not only for your kitchen but also for the home.