Why is dentistry a good career option?


In recent times, dental schools have witnessed a steady rise in the influx of aspirants. Those that aim to venture into this profession should nurture the core values of patience, accuracy, and a systematic approach. The growing popularity of dentistry as a career choice amongst the current generation shows the attractiveness of the field among the masses.

The fact that dentistry combines creativity, aesthetics, and flexibility, along with a rational approach in equal measures resonates with young aspirants. It is also interesting to note that besides having a strong command over technical skill set, a dentist must also exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, coupled with a composed temperament and compassion for people.

After all, anybody associated with the medical profession has to establish a rapport with their patients.

The following are some of the reasons why dentistry is considered to be a lucrative career option:

Job prospects: 

This is a no-brainer that dentists are in high demand in hospitals, dental clinics, and health departments. What’s more, as a dentist, you can also associate yourself with academics. There are numerous dental institutions all over the country as well as overseas, which offers great teaching jobs to dentists. Dentists might also make their way into the research and advisory departments of pharmaceuticals. Besides, companies producing oral care products often recruit dentists as consultants. Further, many might not be aware, but government jobs also employ dentists. Last but not least, you can give a shot to self-employment; it promises the most attractive financial prospects along with a higher degree of independence.


Well, let’s just put it this way, dentists earn quite handsomely. Be it only a consultation or a more complicated procedure, and each session can be financially quite rewarding. For dental surgeons, the figures are all the more alluring. Even through private practice, dental surgeons can make good money.

High demand:

Due to several innate or external factors, dental problems have been on the rise over the last few decades. This, coupled with growing awareness about oral well-being, has given a boost to the demand of dentists. We see more and more youngsters are opting for this career choice. It is also interesting to note that the cosmetic correction of teeth has also significantly risen in popularity. Consequently, the scope and importance of dentistry have also increased.


Dentists can enjoy flexible timings, as compared to other medical practitioners. They can give appointments according to their convenience, which further makes it a highly desirable career option. Even clinic timings for dentists are usually not very rigid or strict since dentistry does not involve any life or death situation. Besides, if you open a private clinic, you can be your own boss! This will not only allow you the flexibility of setting your own hours, but you can also decide the rates you will charge and the number of patients you want to see on a given day.


Dentistry is a challenging career path since every day, and you will be dealing with a wide range of situations with every patient. It is much more dynamic and challenging as compared to a 9-to-5 job. So if you are someone who needs a good challenge to get going every morning, then this is the career path for you.

Social status: 

Dentists are held in high regard in society, almost at par with any other medical professional. In the initial stage of your work-life, you will have to put your best foot forward and toil a lot, to build a strong reputation in the market. However, once the years of experience build up and you manage to make quite a name, your social status will only keep growing!

Job security: 

As a dentist, being called into the manager’s office or being laid off, followed by a downturn in the industry is never a matter of concern. On the contrary, the demand for dentists is only expected to rise further in the near future, which means excellent job security.


In order to pursue dentistry as a career path, you need to clear competitive medical entrance examinations, which is differently structured in different countries. Based on merit, you secure a seat in a medical college. After completing BDS (Bachelor of Dental Studies), the undergraduate program of dentistry, in 5 years, you can also go for further specialization during MDS to broaden your prospects. Once your foray into the field of dentistry, it is all about striking the right balance between clinic hours and devoting time to further studies in primary as well as advanced dental sciences. In fact, many dentistry aspirants opt to go through oral sedation dentistry training to acquire more expertise in their field. Yet another necessity for this career is a strong sense of ethics. Furthermore, it is advisable to always be aware of the latest developments, be it in theory or practice.