Top 5 Skills Required for Manufacturing Industry Jobs

Top 5 Skills Required for Manufacturing Industry Jobs

Finding qualified candidates for open manufacturing positions can be extremely challenging. In a recent survey, 64% of manufacturing executives identified skilled trade employees as their most pressing need. 

Oftentimes, new hires look good on paper but lack the essential skills to successfully carry out their daily responsibilities. 

To overcome this common hiring problem, you need to screen for all of the top manufacturing skills. But what attributes are most important for manufacturing employees? 

While manufacturing professionals need to have a wide array of talents, there are five must-have skills that every candidate should possess. Below, we will outline these five skills so that you can refine your screening process and identify top candidates with an aptitude test for manufacturing jobs

Attention to Detail 

Attention to detail is a critical hard skill that is vital for any manufacturing candidate. Prospective hires who have strong attention to detail will be able to work safely and efficiently. 

Without this skill, your new employee could potentially endanger other team members. A candidate’s attention to detail can be measured using a skills test, just like the other skills required for manufacturing industry jobs. 

eSkill’s Attention to Detail skills test includes analogies, error searches, word analysis, and other analytical challenges. 

Candidates who score well on this test possess a keen eye for seemingly minor details. They are likely to be an asset to your organization, especially if they have other top manufacturing skills. 

Critical Thinking 

When you hire a new manufacturing employee, the last thing you want is for them to rely on you to solve every problem they encounter. They should be able to work independently and think on their feet. 

Good candidates should be able to troubleshoot and work through minor problems that will arise throughout their workday. To do so, they will need strong critical thinking skills. 

The Critical Thinking skills test presents the applicant with a series of word-based problems. These questions will force them to think logically to come up with the correct solution. 

Engineering Abilities 

Engineers are some of your organization’s most valuable manufacturing employees. This prominence means that you must take due care when screening new hires who have applied for this type of position. 

In addition to reviewing their credentials, you should administer an Engineer skills test. eSkill offers various tests for this role, depending on the sub-specialty of engineering the candidate seeks to provide.

Engineering skills tests assess the candidate’s 2D drawing comprehension, materials science knowledge, parts manufacturing know-how, and other specialties. If a candidate has a strong engineering pedigree and performs well on these skills tests, they are likely to be a good fit for your organization, a quality we call JobFit. 

Aptitude for Cross-Training 

One of the best workarounds for dealing with the current shortage of talent is to promote within. However, you will need to groom your staff members for additional responsibilities throughout their careers to do this. 

Actively seek out new hires who have the aptitude for cross-training. This focus will help you create a funnel of quality talent that you can use to backfill vacancies in the future. 

In addition to benefiting your organization in the long term, selecting candidates who can be cross-trained will also assist you in dealing with unexpected staffing issues. 

For instance, if one of your essential employees is sick or injured, they could be out of work for a prolonged period. If you have a few talented, cross-trained employees, they will be able to fill the void left by the injured party. 


Communication is an invaluable skill for any employee, but it is especially important for individuals in the manufacturing industry. Your team members must be able to interact and communicate seamlessly. 

Adding a new employee who has poor communication skills can ruin the chemistry between your existing staff members.

When screening prospective new hires, administering a Communication skills test will help you determine whether they will work well with others. Choosing candidates with strong communication skills is pivotal in maintaining a positive working environment. 

Aptitude Test for Manufacturing Jobs from eSkill 

Now that you know the top five skills required for manufacturing industry jobs, it is time to start screening your prospective candidates for these abilities. However, developing a suite of skills tests on your own can be expensive, time-consuming, and tedious. Fortunately, there is a better solution! 

According to SHRM, getting creative with your hiring practices has become more important due to the pandemic. 

By partnering with eSkill, you can rapidly implement an aptitude test for manufacturing jobs into your existing hiring processes. Our skills tests are versatile enough to be utilized for both in-person and virtual hiring practices. 

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