7 Best Musical Android Apps for Beginners

Musical Android Apps for Beginners

Many people love listening to music but some like composing music and produce musical tones. Earlier there were only the musical instruments that musicians used to create melodies. However, with the arrival of new technologies, now it is possible to use your smartphone to compose music.

There are many applications for producing music that you can use on your android devices. Some android apps for music are free to use while for some, you need to purchase them for a fee. However, you can try using their trial versions before buying the pro version. So, let us check out some of the best music apps for android phones that you can use for creating your music.


The AKAI iMPC Pro is a premium music app that allows you to create a variety of sounds on your smartphone. The app comes with a vast sound library, 64 track capability, 3D performance, built-in sampling, precision features, chop up sample, live sequencing, and a three-band equalizer. AKAI has loaded as much as the features it can load into an app for its users. If you are looking for a feature-packed app, this app should be your first choice.

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD

The Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD is a popular music app that allows you to upload your composed files to Dropbox or SoundCloud. It is not a free app, and you need to buy it, buy the features and functionality is worth the money you spend on buying. The app offers a Mini Synthesizer with 70 presets, step sequencer, around 133 instruments, ten effects, wave editor, sampling, pitch blending, and many other features. It is one of the best music apps for beginners, and expert composers because of easy to use interface and plenty of features.

Caustic 3 

The caustic 3 is a great android music app when it comes to composing music. It offers you to pick a handful of virtual machines that produce virtual noises. Users can then combine them to create melodies and songs. Moreover, users can record their vocals and combine them with music to compose songs. The app has one free and another paid version.

Casio Chordana Composer

The Casio Chordana app comes with a piano interface that is very simple to use. The interface is a virtual keyboard that allows users to use the keys to create some melodies. Users can also learn to play the piano if they haven’t yet learned the same. The app has a feature of automatic composition that enables you to select a genre and the range of tension to create a tune. It is fun to use app that is so easy that even children can use it easily. The app is suitable for beginners who want to learn using keys to create random melodies and not for professionals.

gStrings Tuner

gStrings tuner is a guitar tuning app, but it works for every instrument. You can use the app for most string instruments, woodwinds, and even your voice. The simple user interface makes it very easy to use and experience even for the beginners. The app is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. It has multiple instruments and tunings and supports custom tunings. However, the free version contains ads that you can remove by buying the pro version.

iReal Pro

Ireal Pro is another fantastic musical app for android users. It is a unique music app that offers you to do many exciting things, including chord charts, play with songs, emulated music for practicing, and many other tools to learn. It is not a DAW tool or a sound editor but very useful for playing or practicing in a band. Users can also print chord charts for different musical instruments to learn them. It also offers you to buy additional in-app content to take your music learning to the next level.

Muse Score

If you are interested in sheet music, you must use the Muse Score app. The app allows you to access tons of sheet music options in its online community. It also has a desktop version that allows users to notate the music. The app also enables you to upload your music, but it should be in the correct format that is supported by Muse Score.

You can play the music at different tempos. Muse score can display only the parts of music that you want to practice. However, the latest version of the app offers you much more features, and you must give it a try.

Final Words

These are the seven best music apps for android users. Every app has different features, and you need to choose the one that is suitable for your learning requirements and instruments. Make sure you have the musical instrument with which you want to learn composing music. You can check the musical instruments for sale on the online stores to buy the device that you want to learn with a music app.