The Benefits of Drug Testing : Top 10 Home Drug Test Of 2019


What is a drug test? 

A drug test can be said an analysis of the biological specimen. Take, for example, urine, hair, breathe, saliva, blood, sweat to find the presence of the specific drug in the body. This is high carried in the offices where the drug-addicted employees are needed to be completed avoided.

What are the benefits of the drug addiction test? 

It is highly important and necessary for the employers to have the drug test and so the companies are also showing interest in the drug and alcohol test high in numbers.

  • Deterring the employees from engaging in some drug consuming
  • Helps in reduction of the insurance cost
  • Offers a safe workplace at the point of the other employees and for the company’s properties as well
  • Enhance the attendance of an individual that leads to good productivity
  • Reduces the need for substance abuse recovery programs

Top 10 home based drug tests :

  1.   Areta Instant 

The Areta Instant will give the results within a few minutes and keep the results for a minimum of 4 hours. This offers the right view even if you are aiming for the large scale results.

  • The cup is big to increase the number of spills
  • It helps in inconsistent reading
  • Will have a good life at least for two years
  1.   Psychemedics PDT90

These give the highest accuracy of the follicle test and do not necessary to loop off massive chunks of your hair in this type of testing process. It is just enough to have half an inch of your locks to get accurate results that need to be highly noticeable.

  • This eliminated the possibility of errors and cheating
  • Easy to remove the additional contaminants in the lab
  1.   Care Check Sterile 

The Care Check Sterile denotes the positive as clear line and negative with not line. This offer ease since there is no necessity to determine what a faint bar means. This also helps in elimination of doubts and nips in the arguments. So this takes an important position in the workplace test.

  • The lid will be sealed firmly
  • It will lose its effects on leaving too long
  • It reveals meth use
  1.   Identity Diagnostics 

This is one of the most precise options that are available in the market to buy drug test online. It is because of the accuracy level offers is 99%. It searches for 12 different illicit substances and that should be covered by most of the companies and other agencies.

  • The presence of security seals discourages tampering
  • Excellent leak resistance design
  • It is available in cup shapes
  1.   Brightside Resources 

If you are choosing the drug and alcohol test for the first time, this could be the most admirable options. It offers an in-depth explanation with the results despite passing or failing in it.

  • Safe and secure package
  • Cups are large enough in order to hold easily
  • It is also the test for methadone
  1.   Easy@home cup kit  

The temperate strips on the kit will allow eliminating the risk of answering the validity of the sample. So the business people buy drug test online high in number.

  • It detects the dilution also
  • The negative factor shows up within one minute of time
  • Gloves will be included in the package
  1.   Easy@home Instant 

This is the right one among different home testing devices to check illegal substances like THC, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines. This also covers all the basic things that need to be covered.

  • They are clear and easy to see
  • Dip sticks are sealed individually
  • The feedback is given just in five minutes
  1.   MOD Complete 

It is just enough to provide urine to be absorbed in the MOD complete test. This is also the best one for the person with a nervous bladder.

  • With works with any cup
  • It reveals the accurate substance used
  1.   Care Check THC Panel 

This can deal even with harder drug and even marijuana systems. This offers you the option to find your employees are consuming drugs behind your back.

  • It is appropriate for the cost
  • It senses edible consumption also
  1.   Hair Confirm Follicle 

It is possible for staying sober for one or two days but when you need to check them beyond those days, hair confirms follicle will be the right option. This can find even with the results that were 3 months back.

  • The results are antonyms
  • Good and clear results

Only when the employee is appropriate and works well the production and sales can be better. Make the right selection of the urine drug screen test and adopt the right one.