Review of Ever Boots Workboots for Construction

Ever Boots Workboots for Construction

Ever Boots describes its work boots as footwear “perfect for a heavy-duty workload.” But, the brand’s shoes are also excellent for a casual night out in town. The company’s website even tells its consumers that their boots are “the only boots you’ll ever need.”

In this post, you’re going to find out if these boots are indeed the perfect work boots for construction.

Quick Summary

Ever Boots sells works boots made from different materials. You can find footwear with steel-toe protections and models with rubber outsoles. Other variants of the brand’s work boots include waterproofing, while other shoes have soft toes for casual wear.

But, many individuals find Ever Boots’ work boots to be comfortable, durable, and stylish. These characteristics are necessities for the modern construction worker.

You need a pair of work boots that are comfortable enough to wear all day. Also, it’s essential to have durable work boots when handing heavy construction equipment. Moreover, the shoes need to be stylish so you can still hang out in town with your mates without the need to change your footwear to match occasions. Ever Boots pride itself on delivering these traits (and more) to its consumer base.

But, are the work boots offered by this company excellent for heavy-duty construction work?

Who Can Wear Ever Boots Work Boots the Best?

Professionals in the construction and industrial sector are the best people who can put the Ever Boots work boots to excellent use. The brand offers several variants of their construction boots, like the Weldor, Tank, and Protector.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each Ever Boots Work Boot?

Like shopping for other products, you should research as much as you can about the work boots offered by Ever Boots. Thus, here are the pros and cons of each construction boot model from this brand:

  • Tank

It’s critical to employ the utmost safety while handling heavy construction equipment. With the help of the Ever Boots Tank boots, you can increase your safety while working with machines.

These construction boots are durable thanks to their high-quality leather material. Plus, the footwear has a slip-resistant outsole, so your feet don’t slide off the pedals of the heavy equipment you’re operating.

But, the Tank has little to offer for style. You can only choose between a dark brown and tan variant. Also, the lace design makes it challenging for individual users to tie a secure knot.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for durable boots, consider using the Ever Boots Tank.

  • Weldor

The Ever Boots Weldor is a comfortable pair of work boots. But, the brand sacrificed some durability for comfort. However, that loss isn’t in vain as you’re going to wear a pair of lightweight boots while you’re working around the construction site.

So, the Weldor might not be for the worker who handles the heavy equipment, but it might be an ideal option for forepersons and supervisors.

  • Protector

While The Tank offers excellent protection for your feet, the Ever Boots Protector helps prevent shocks from high-voltage electricity surges. Thus, this pair of work boots help reduce the risks of work-related hazards, especially when workers are continuously in close contact with electrical equipment.

However, this additional layer of protection may come with a price. Like the Tank, the Protector has little to offer for fashion. The Ever Boots online shop only offers one color variant for this model: black. Users can flash a bit of color on these boots through the dash of yellows on its outer sole and shoelaces.

Still, this color combination might be challenging for users to pair with other pieces of clothing.

If you don’t mind the lack of fashion sense in the Protector, then it’s a very durable pair of work boots.

Despite the lack of style for the Every Boots line of construction footwear, the pros outweigh the cons for each shoe variant. The standard retail price for the Tank, Weldor, and Protector may even fit spending allowances of budget-conscious individuals.

Final Words

The Ever Boots work boots are excellent pieces of footwear for construction workers. But, the Tank, Weldor, and Protector fit best for specific roles at the job site.

For example, the Tank is excellent for the heavy equipment operator, while the Weldor is ideal for the supervisor. Consequently, the Protector is a unique pair of work boots for construction workers dealing with electrical equipment.

However, these construction boots offer little in terms of style. But, if you prioritize comfort and durability more than fashion, then it’s highly recommended to buy these boots.