5 Unique Gifts for Relatives Who Love to Travel

Unique Gifts for Relatives Who Love to Travel

Going on vacation is one of the best ways to bond with loved ones and see the world. Seeing the Australian desert or the brilliant architecture of Italy is a lot more breathtaking in person than on the computer screen. Not everybody is a travel person, but anybody can find a location they would love to visit. 

Traveling can also be one of the more expensive hobbies any person can have. And if a person doesn’t have much money, they can go broke without some outside financial help.

Can I insure someone else’s car? How can I make their hotel reservations a surprise when they get to the vacation spot of their choice? Travelers are exotic people who experience the world differently. This makes gift-giving a little more challenging, but we’ll cover four of the best presents to give the explorer in your life. 

#1 – Bags for Storage

When you’re a kid, getting socks or a sweater for Christmas was always a drag. When you’re about to get married, receiving jewelry is the perfect present. But what apparel can you get a traveler that will really make them appreciate your thoughtful gift? You can’t go to the gift shop at the location they are going to, so why not buy them something to store that merchandise in?

If you are a frequent traveler, having a bag that can store your clothes, phone, computers, bathroom amenities, and items bought on the trip is a revelation. Some bags are too restrictive, while others don’t allow for the things needed to enjoy traveling and staying away for weeks on end. 

A high-quality bag with durable material as the base and a solid arrangement of pockets will last your traveling relative throughout years of trips. See what type of style they like and go from there. Talk to your local sporting goods shop or department store for tips on the best bags for a traveler. 

#2 – Hotel Accommodations

For people who like to travel, living out of a hotel becomes second nature. You get used to the foreign beds, hot tubs, and swimming pools. Sometimes you even look forward to this home-away-from-home atmosphere.

It’s still very expensive, though. It’s one of the priciest items on any trip. You can let your loved ones enjoy the scenery and the fun in the city they’re going to by paying for their hotel expenses and getting rid of that expense for them. 

Hotels are usually paid for with credit cards, so you need to warn your family member that you are going to call up and pay for the hotel room they will be staying at. Most hotels will need to know that you are not the one staying and that they will need to check the ID of the person you are paying for. 

As long as this is communicated thoroughly and you aren’t upset about the gift being discussed beforehand, this is one of the nicest things you can do for the traveler in your life. Just make sure the hotel is fresh and clean. Nobody wants to spend their days in a dingy one-bedroom closet. The hotel is part of the luxury of the vacation, so make it special for your loved one. 

#3 – Car Insurance 

Everyone always thinks about whether buying a car for someone is the right choice, but not everybody can afford that. Don’t feel bad because there are other ways to take the strain off of someone who takes road trips and vacations out of the trunk of their car. 

Insurance can be an expensive thing depending on the driving record of the person on the policy. If you drive tons of miles because you love taking vacations on the ground instead of the air, the premiums can go up even more. 

Consider paying for your loved one’s temporary car insurance. The easiest way is to send them money every month for a certain time, perhaps during the holiday season. 

If you plan on paying for their policy permanently, make sure you talk to the insurance company about who is going to be the primary driver of the car. There is a risk of insurance fraud if they think you are going to be driving but find out that your relative is the primary driver. 

#4 – Cameras or Other Photography Accessories 

It may seem redundant to buy someone a camera just for their travels with access to photography on smartphones. Still, there are some great gifts in this space designed specifically for those who are travel fanatics. 

The best travel photographers have lightweight, compact devices that can zoom and capture the moment better than even the most recent iPhones. Nikon is the best brand in the space, but you can shop around for the most affordable camera. 

This isn’t a gift for everyone who travels, so think about whether the person you are buying for loves capturing the moment on a more intimate level. Do they take the occasional photo, or are they the person who fills their phone with pictures of the nature, animals, and buildings they come across? 

This gift is the type of item that shows your loved one how much you want to encourage their love of the world and the features that it has to offer. They can feel like they are on vacation again because they will look at the photos they caught behind the camera. There’s nothing more special than that. 

#5 – Movies or Books That Focus on Unique Locations

People who travel are always looking for their next adventure. Inspiration can come from unexpected places, even when you are watching movies or reading books. Many of the best stories use their setting to push the narrative forward, and a traveler can think about how they can visit the place in the novel. 

Try to think about buying your loved one a piece of fiction that takes advantage of a beautiful place in the story. The Lord of the Rings films were shot in New Zealand. This is one of the most gorgeous island countries on the planet. Seeing the sights and sounds in the movies can make people think about visiting the places themselves. 

If your traveling relatives aren’t into high fantasy or other fiction, maybe choose books or films that are more based on reality or non-fiction work. Travel guides and books of photography shot by other travelers may also serve to inspire their next big trip.