Buy A New Car or Not? 6 Points to Help You In Making A Decision

Car Tips

When it comes to purchasing a new you to vehicle there are a few things that probably instantly popped into your mind. One of which is debating whether or not it is beneficial to purchase a new or used vehicle. There are definitely pros and con’s to both of these purchases but in one case the pro’s heavily outweighed the cons. A new vehicle is often the smarter choice to go if you are able to make that type of purchase. In fact, there are 6 reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a new vehicle rather than a used one.

#1. Check the complete history of your vehicle. 

Because you purchased a brand new vehicle off of the dealership lot you are the only owner of the vehicle. You don’t need to worry about the vehicle having been previously treated inappropriately. No maintenance was missed and no repairs were done haphazardly. You also know that the vehicle was not involved in any unreported accidents and fixed on the side and that it was not driven improperly. When you purchase brand new off the lot you are going to be the only owner and that means you have a blank slate. You will be able to maintain proper maintenance logs and care for your purchase accordingly.

#2. You may qualify for special new purchase incentives. 

Many car dealerships and lending institutions feature special financing options for new cars. In some cases, it is actually easier to get approved for lower financing with a new car than with a used car. Keep a watchful eye on car sales and commercials that offer end of year closeouts and buyer financing specials. If you have adequate credit or a co-signer then you may qualify for these options. Lower interest rates mean you will have a lower car payment on a new car than on a used car in many cases.

#3. New cars have no miles or very low miles because they are new. 

In many cases, the only miles on a new car are the test drive miles. If you commute a lot or rely heavily on your vehicle then the low miles will be very appealing. This means your purchase will typically last you longer than a vehicle that already had moderate or high mileage.

#4. You have various buying options when you are purchasing new. 

When you purchase used you are often buying someone else’s upgrades. When you buy a new car you can select the add-on features, pay attention to new car prices and add on prices. If you want a DVD system, heated seats, running board, skylight or trailer hitch is entirely up to you. You can have your dream car or SUV by selecting the add-on features you want in the model that you want. Sometimes used vehicle inventory stock is not abundant and you find yourself having to settle for something you may not have typically chosen. Buying new allows you complete control of what features you would like your vehicle to have.

#5. New cars come with service agreements. 

In many cases used cars do not or their agreements are about to expire. These manufacturer warranties ensure you that your vehicle will be properly maintained and any repairs that come up will be taken care of. You will not be faced with costly repairs makes purchasing new very appealing.

#6. New car-new smell.

The new car smell is one of the best smells around. Nothing quite compares to getting into a new car and being hugged by this pleasant aroma. When given the opportunity this is the best choice. It reminds you every time you enter your vehicle that you are the only owner and this new purchase is yours to enjoy.

Keeping these six points in mind while shopping for a new vehicle will most likely make you feel more comfortable with a new car purchase. There is nothing wrong with purchasing used but if you can purchase new for the same price or less the pros definitely outweighed the cons.