5 Vitals Ingredients Of A Great Outro That Can Get Your More Subscribers

5 Vitals Ingredients Of A Great Outro That Can Get Your More Subscribers

An outro is the end-screen for your video. People focus on the intro, but when you’re trying to grow a new YouTube channel, the outro matters just as much. Subscribers are more likely to view your content when you’ve got something valuable to provide.

There are four elements that go into an outro:

  • Playlists – This is where you link playlists organized by topics
  • Subscribe Button – That encourages viewers to hit the bell icon, like and subscribe to your content
  • Links to other websites/blogs – For redirecting your viewers to where you want them to go
  • YouTube Channels – Thumbnails that share links to other YouTube channels or showcase any highlights

But despite all these four strategies, there are a few elements in outros that separate the average ones from the truly exceptional. We’ll let you in on them below.

1. Focus On The CTA

Your CTA is your Call-To-Action. If your viewers have enjoyed your content enough to stick until the end, you’ll want to include a CTA. You can use end-screen templates to craft your CTA, but the gist is – you use your CTA to showcase your products, services, and more content. It’s a terrific way to get more traffic.

If you’d prefer to use an easy outro maker that takes care of your video editing needs, try this tool by InVideo.

If you’re making a business presentation video or webinar for your blog instead of YouTube, you can use a free photo slideshow maker. These have inbuilt customizable templates for creating an intro, along with smooth transitions and text effects.

2. Keep The Frame Size 1080p

1980 X 1080 pixels is what you want your screen resolution to be when filming videos. For the shutter speed, a good rule of thumb is to double the frame rate you’re filming in. For example, if your video is being filmed at 25 fps, make the shutter speed setting 1/50th.

A screen resolution of 1080p HD not just for your outro, but the whole video makes it more viewable on larger screen sizes and devices. You want to make your videos more accessible to your audience, which is why this is so much important. Another neat tip besides the frame size is the duration of your outro. Good video outros typically last about eight seconds. This gives your viewers enough time to process what they’re seeing and helps to convert them smoothly. Outros that are 3 seconds short are too abrupt, while anything longer than 8 seconds makes them too long.

3. Keep It Clean And Simple

Don’t clutter your outros with too many visual elements. Try to keep it clean and simple. You want to minimize distractions and let your viewers focus on what you offer instead. Using whitespace to do this is a good d design practice.

Also, be consistent.

If you’re building a brand by making video content, try using the same outro for a few videos. Changing your outro is fine, but do that once in a while. In terms of consistency for outros, you want to use the same colors, typefaces, logos, designs, and placements. This helps viewers remember your brand and builds trust plus engagement.

4. Link Your Social Media Accounts

If your brand’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – link them to your outro. This helps viewers be aware of the fact that you’re available to talk to them online.

Your follower count on different social media handles will increase substantially too, and this will invite more viewers and subscribers. It’s a tip that just works! Try it and see for yourself.

5. Provide Them Value

This may sound very generalized, but if there’s one element that marks the line between good outros and great outros – it’s value. Think about your viewers for a minute and be mindful of what they want to watch. Before making future videos or content, do a bit of research.

Ask them via Instagram questionnaires or Facebook surveys. If they have something they’d like to watch, make the content, and link that in your upcoming videos. This will signal that you genuinely care about your audience and listen to what they’re saying. And that goes a long way towards building your brand and gaining more subscribers.

Bonus Tip: Look At Different Outros for Inspiration

If you’re out of ideas for outros or not sure what outro template to go with, take a moment and review other outros for inspiration. Some video creators use commentary at the end of the video, while others place placards that link them to relevant content. Think about your brand or business’s values or goals when you’re making the outro.

What do you want your outro to represent or show?

Take a look at WriterBard’s outro, who makes commentaries on various topics. He ends his videos with a ‘You can call me Kyle’ or a simple note and follows it up with a clean outro. This is ideal for a vlogging scenario.

Another example is Bakhar Nabieva’s video for Dragon Pharma LLC. Notice how the clip ends with her doing a workout movement and the ‘Stay Connected’ templates.

Now ask yourself: What’s common between these two outros?

Answer: The content

The outro for a vlogging video versus a workout video looks different. The theme you have for your brand, your outro should reflect that. If it’s a product your showcasing, make sure your outro’s presentation aligns with that.

Our final tip is – use music at your own discretion and experiment. Some videos end with the audio muted and plain sound effects. Some add a little commentary while others add a soundtrack along with links to their social media.

Experiment and do what works for you.


We hope these tips help you out and get you more subscribers. A bonus tip is to keep producing more content for your blogs or YouTube channel. The best outro won’t do you any good if you pump out videos infrequently. Try to stick to a publishing schedule of at least 2 to 3 videos a week. If you can’t upload twice a week, once a week will do too, but what we’re saying is – be consistent with your uploads.

Because when you get more subscribers, they will look forward to your content. And your upload schedule will let them know what and when to expect it.