Depression – What Causes it and how to Overcome?


Have you all notice why now facebook is full of Allah’s quotes, why Every admin is nowadays making their accounts with the quotes of Almighty. Why Tariq Jamil’s videos are trending, Everyone is sharing Allah’s quotes, prophets quotes.

Because nowadays every person is depressed, broken, betrayed. This generation is the most depressed generation I’ve seen so far.

Why? Because this modern style of living has changed our way of living in this generation, it has changed our minds, we all are forgotten why we all were sent here! We belong to which ummah. We belong to Allah.

We all are trusting people who themselves don’t know why they were sent to the world. They’ll make you happy? They’ll take you to paradise? They’ll comfort you? Haha never.

They’ll make you ill; they will make you sick inside and out. This depression, sadness will make you dead inside. This life will start fading and will make you numb. Darkness will be your new friend; being alone will be what you will only desire at the end of the day.

Depression is not always because of love! Depression is a disease which is killing every person every day. It is making every person weak, especially students, are more affected by depression, which is leading them to suicide.

Causes for depressions

Competition: Everyone is running in a race to be the first; everyone is degrading each other and judging others.

Favoritism is being more common and making our society feel more worthless and lonely, especially in students.

Rejection making every person depressed, making them feel they are second options, making them feel jealous this leads them to the suicide

Envy Every one is jealous of each other’s happiness; No one is satisfied with what they are blessed with. No one is thankful.

Love Why this society is surrounded by love? What is love? Love is a lie! Love is what you never got.

How to overcome depression?

Reasons are the solutions to every problem. But we all are not grateful for god.

Self-respect, self-love is the only medicine that will lead you to success in this world. The day you learn how to respect and love yourself, not a single power can betray you.

When you start loving yourself, you can easily fight depression.

Depression is what makes you helpless, which makes your world black, which makes you colorblind. You wake up to go to bed again.

The world is not a comfortable place to live happily. The world is where you have to struggle first to live happily.

Depression is not what you should fear; this is a disease that every when you can fight with. Don’t be a shame. Share to aware!

Share with your close people do let them know what is killing you inside, do let them know why you’re screaming inside what is making you feel low inside. Share with the one you trust, the ones you love!

Make your priorities, make your life rules, never expect too much from others, never trust anyone. Never love anyone more than yourself.

Live your life, love yourself, do whatever you like to do, which makes you happy, which makes you comfortable never let anyone rule upon you! Never let anyone makes you low. Never let anyone judge you.

Keep yourself busy, see a doctor, psychiatrist have supplements, take therapies that will give you one new life to live, and will help you to fight disease.

I have seen many students struggling with depression anxiety attacks because they have made their life miserable on their own! They have become dependant on others. How can you expect happiness from the person who doesn’t know how to make happy to yourself. You’re the one sent by Almighty. Trust him and his plans. He must have better ideas then you!! He loves you more than 70% of the love of your mothers how can he ever disappoint you, how can he leave you to struggle. He’s the one who makes you realize you have to go back to Him! He’s the one you’ll always need in the end! He’s the one you should not be feared in this world. Trust him and his plans. He will make your life easy and more beautiful.


Depression is a disease that can lead you to death, which can make you worthless, weak from inside and out. Fight with depression; never let this disease wins over you! Never let this disease kill you! For the one you love for the one you trust!

Fight, share, and make yourself strong enough to live! Everything is for one time. Patience is the key. The change will not come if you will not wait; life is always a matter of waiting. True happiness is waiting around the other corner, get going and keep fighting. Life is not easy; everyone is fighting and struggling; this is what life is this what the world is! You’ve to fight to survive.

Depression is nothing in front of Allah. He’s the one who is listening to you, make him your friend and speak your heart out. Do remember your sins and make dua for yourself. Once you have given up, never let yourself be weak enough to be a victim again. Depression is only a disease if you can live in a depression so you can easily fight with depression too. Living in depression is more laborious. Never make your weakness; never hate yourself, be a patient of depression. It’s just a disease that can be treated by medicine or therapy but, most importantly, on your own.

If you will not love yourself, no one going to love you! First love yourself make your self worthy enough to fight and live. Healing takes time, never give up. Click here for more depression solutions.