Top Advantages To Install Solar Systems In Perth

Top Advantages To Install Solar Systems In Perth

The adoption of solar systems in Perth has enhanced to a greater extent in the existing time. As the cost of solar panels is decreasing, these got popularity in Western Australia. Perth has sufficient amount of sunshine generating huge amount of solar energy.

For the people of Perth, solar has become the strategy for going green and saving a huge amount of money.

If you want to resolve your power-related problems, installing a solar power system is beneficial.

What is the Perth solar panel statistics?

  • Most of the households in Perth are going solar. It can be obvious to say that the average solar power system size in Perth is 4.98kW while comparing to the Australian average of 3.15kW.
  • Almost 10,000 solar panels installed across Perth’s metropolitan area and in the outer area.
  • Around 18% of homes in Perth have solar panels installed.

Advantage of installing solar systems in Perth:

An abundant supply of solar energy

The sun produces enough free energy to give power to the whole population present on our planet. Solar power is the real renewable energy source that uses photo voltaic panels to control the free energy generates from the sun. Perth has declared as one of the sunniest cities. It has a total of two hundred sixty-five sunny and partly sunny days annually. Even in the winter season, the temp in Perth rarely drops. It keeps solar panels busy throughout the year.

Eliminates the burden of high electricity bills

It doesn’t matter if you are a business or a homeowner, electricity costs can increase your monthly expenditure. With a solar system, it would be easy to produce free power for more than twenty-five years without any hassle. Even if you are not able to generate the amount of the energy you consume, solar can decrease the utility bills and you can save a lot of money.

Property value can be enhanced

In Perth, people are taking solar installations seriously as it increases the price of their property. Especially, educated homeowners have shown interest in the installation of solar panels. According to a report, houses equipped with solar systems are of great value. Being a non-solar homeowner, you can’t get such advantage.

High return on investment

Solar panels shouldn’t be considered as an expenditure. It is an investment that lets you gain profit in the long run. Whatever amount of money you invest at the time of its installation, you get it back in 1-2 years. If you wish to purchase SMA inverter in Perth among the wide range of solar power systems, you can get it easily as reputed service providers are known to deliver such products.

Discounted price on purchasing of solar panels in Perth

When you decide to install a solar power system for your home or office, you get refunds called Small Technology Certificates.These can be used as currency and will be traded and sold. Their financial value can be decreased or increased according to the market. The price value of STCs you get from the solar power system installation is based on the amount of electricity your solar panels produce. It also depends on the date of installation and the geographic location.

This is often difficult to understand the buy and sell of STCs. It is the main reason that most of the people simply allow the installer to have control of them. The installer provides an upfront discount on solar panels installation.

Get paid for the additional power generation

In Perth, the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme pays you for additional units of electricity produces by your solar power system. You can sell the extra power produces by your solar panels to the electricity retailer.

Become self-sufficient

Installing solar panels allows you to become independent. It will let you get rid of the national grid supply. You just have to make an initial investment in solar panels installation which can be recovered later. To get in-depth details about solar panels, you can talk to experts directly. They will provide you the best suggestion related to the solar panels in the long term.

Solar energy systems are expandable

You should know that solar energy systems are extensible. It simply means that the solar system you installed to meet your existing requirements can be expanded depending on your future power requirements. With expansion in your property area,you should increase the number of solar energy systems

Location is not the restriction

In the world of fast-paced technological development, the introduction of solar panels can’t be ignored. It gives the option of going both on-grid and off-grid to generating the required power. Whether you are located in urban or rural areas, you will not face any power-related problems.

Low maintenance required

Solar power doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You just need to clean them two times in a year. If you find it difficult to clean solar power systems on your own, approach the specialized cleaning companies. The life span of solar panels provided by the reliable manufacturer will be in between 25-30 years.

Safety from environmental hazards

Using solar systems is an effective way to have control over the carbon footprint. Companies and factory establishments responsible for producing 38-40% of carbon emissions are going solar. Also, typical residential solar can reduce three to four tones of carbon emissions.


It is worth using solar systems in Perth as it has sufficient amount of solar energy. Using solar energy resources, it can be easy to reduce high electric bills and environmental hazards. To have a secure and safe future, you should start using solar panels for your home and office premises.