7 Tips for Healthy Feet: Here are the Diabetic Shoes in Trend

Healthy Feet

It is important to keep our feet healthy and you will be happy to know that it is not difficult to keep our feet healthy. We generally neglect our feet, but it works like a miracle if you take care of your feet. As we all age, problems related to feet increase day by day and it makes important for us to take proper care of them. There are many common problems one can face related to foot like chronic foot pain, tendonitis, bunions, and arthritis. These all can limit our foot mobility and these can create future severe problems too.

Diabetic shoes are in trend these days, and one can improve the health of their feet by wearing such shoes. Diabetic shoes can keep up and improve foot well being by lessening the danger of skin breakdown for those determined to have diabetes and experiencing foot variations from the norm or deformations.

By taking a few simple steps on how to take care of your feet can help you improve your feet healthy and mobility too. Here are 7 tips for healthy feet:

Keep your feet clean and dry

It is important to keep our feet clean and dry always and to maintain healthy feet, it starts with good hygiene. Always clean thoroughly with a soap and warm water and after that dry your feet well, especially between the toes.

Keep a regular check on your feet

One should perform a self-check on their feet every week. Look for cuts, redness, blisters, sores or any other possible injury. It is important to regularly check your feet if you have poor blood flow or nerve damage.

Cut your toe nails properly

One should cut their nails straight across and avoid cutting them too close to your skin as it can cause pain in your toes, file your edges properly and one should do it when they are soft from washing.

Never walk barefoot

It is important to wear shoes or slippers to protect your feet from any injuries. Don’t wear sandals in hot weather to protect your feet and in cold weather wear warm socks with shoes. It is important to wear shoes at the gym, or in any public places.

Avoid sharing your footwears

It is advisable that one should not share their footwear with other people as there are high chances that you can get fungal infections. There are many places where you are advised to wear rental shoes, try and avoid such places to stay safe and healthy.

Moisturize your feet

It is important for those who have dry skin that they use some lotion after washing and drying their feet. Once you apply moisturizer, make sure you dry it properly and then you wear your footwear to avoid sweating.

Keep your feet dry and warm-

During the winter season, the extreme-full  temperature accompanied with the lack of moisture can easily cause winter dryness in your feet. Another major problem is the frostbite which can cause permanent damage to your blood vessels. Freezing of the tissues is not at all a good sign for the health of your skin and muscles.

Wear protective and soft socks during all the times in the winter. We should avoid walking barefoot on the cold floor or surface. Warm and hot foot baths are generally refreshing during the cold season. You can also massage on your feet regularly during winter season to improve the blood circulation in the feet. This would provide a warmth to the feet as well.

Take Help from a Podiatrist Regarding the Foot Complications-

If your foot skin is have some problems that you can’t easily treat yourself, you should simply consult a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a trained to understand the feet related issues better than anyone else and they can help to diagnose the conditions properly in your feet.

An appointment at a podiatrist is always a good idea for those women & men who have diabetes and cannot get a pedicure at a nail salon. A podiatrist will take a proper care of yourself and do your procedure with utmost care so as not to cause any issues with your pedicure later.

A Good Care Will Protect Your Feet From Bacteria and Fungus-

Bacterial and fungal and infection can ruin the beauty of your nails and feet permanently. Important note to keep in mind is to always keep your feet clean. Never let dirt gather in your toenails, so always keep you feet clean. Never cut your cuticles,  as by doing this you are opening up an easy route for the bacteria and fungus to reach your nail bed which can easily cause infections. If your nails are infected with the similar issue then seek for a seek professional help.

When every you are choosing for the cosmetics and nail polishes always pick the less harsh ones for yourself. Exposure to chemicals isn’t a good sign for your feet either in any case. If you are sensitive to lotions that contain chemicals then you should switch to the organic oils. You can replace your cosmetic lotions with the  coconut oil and tea tree oil. Coconut and tea tree oil is best for every skin type and these does not contain any chemicals in it. I would recommend it to every individual who are facing these issues as it could help you in every way.

A healthy and beautiful feet is indeed a pleasant sight in itself always. The appreciation of owning a beautiful and healthy feet is always enough to make any woman smile and be proud at her feet. Whereas, this requires a little bit of effort from your side as well. Take care of your feet like if they are your babies. Simply pamper them with a good massage, lotion and sunscreen. Cover them with a fresh and soft pair of socks in the winter to protect it from the cold. Let them be free in the beach waves. Your feet are very essential part of your body, so do not forget to take a proper care of them in your super busy lives.

Know when to visit a doctor

It is important to know when to visit a doctor. Even when you get a minor injury on your foot, it is important to visit a doctor. When you visit a doctor on time it will help you to prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Few Essential Benefits of Wearing a Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes for women and men offer breathing while protecting  your feet from the elements as well as from the sunburn. Their cushioning soles, lightweight, provide the perfect support for summer and as well as for the winter activities.

Orthofeet socks can also be consider a good option to wear for people who are having diabetes. Their bamboo soles provide natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, and their loose and comfortable calf fit are perfect for summer and winter wear, especially for the feet that tend to swell fast in the heat.

Make sure you do all of these to keep your feet healthy.

Good Luck!