Dealing With Leg Injuries After A Motorcycle Accident

Dealing With Leg Injuries After A Motorcycle Accident

The trend in motorcycle accidents is overwhelming. Research shows that motorcyclists are mostly involved in accidents compared to car drivers. Unfortunately, when such accidents happen, they leave one with minor or severe injuries. After a motorcycle accident, any part of the body is prone to injuries. However, one of the most common body regions where motorcyclist suffers injuries is the lower extremity. Not only do the legs get into contact with the road, but they are the most targeted in case of an impact with a car. If you have suffered leg injuries after a motorcycle accident, you need to ensure you receive the right medical treatment. If the injuries were as a result of someone negligence, you should seek compensation for your financial recovery.

Common Types Of Leg Injuries

Legs injury treatment is costly. The figure might be devastating if you had suffered other injuries after the motorcycle accident. Though most of these accidents involve blame game, the theory behind this is always negligence. That’s why you may consult a Wasilla personal injury lawyer to protect your legal right when it comes to seeking justice. There are many types of leg injures one may suffer from after a motorcycle accident. Why they are grouped in such a manner is because their treatment and compensation are also different. This brings about the reason why one should seek an experienced medical doctor who deals with motorcycle injuries to offer the right treatment. With the proper treatment, you can be assured to get a reasonable compensation. These injuries include:

    • Tibia fracture: This happens when there is a high-energy collision that may result in the most severe fractures. For recovery, it depends on how bad the fracture was. Normally, recovery takes about 3-6 months. But for the stress fracture, a victim may take up to 8 weeks. However, with the right steps for recovery, healing time can reduce.
    • Fibula fractures: Fibula fracture occurs when one sprains an ankle, which puts stress on the fibula bone. A forceful impact from the motorcycle accident can lead to any fracture, and this affects the treatment and recovery.
    • Popliteal Artery/vein: Also referred to as vascular injury. Though relatively rare, research shows that popliteal artery injury misdiagnosis may have devastating consequences such as leading to morbidity or having the leg amputated.
    • Massive leg crush/ partial or complete leg amputations: This kind of injury makes the progress of recovery more difficult. A victim may require extensive surgery to replant or amputee the leg if there are excessive wounds. However, vessel grafts or temporary wound coverage can be used to shorten the recovery time.
    • Achilles tendon: Due to the limited supply of blood to the calf muscles, the leg tendon is prone to injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, Achilles tendon injury sometimes takes to heal. If there were multiple fractures on the leg, it might be impossible for the leg to function as before.

Most of the above injuries significantly affect one’s financial recovery. If a victim has the right legal representation, he/she can be assured of getting a more significant settlement.

Seeking Financial Compensation

Nothing is overwhelming than suffering pain due to someone negligence. That’s why you need to seek financial recovery for injuries suffered. Your recovery means much more, and that’s why experienced motorcycle accident lawyers ensure you have a shoulder to lean on as you heal. The next thing after your recovery will be wondering how much your motorcycle claim will be worth. The fact is that there are many factors put into consideration when it comes to valuing your claim. You have to consider:

  • Liability: If you believe that someone else is to be held liable for your leg injuries, this is an excellent step towards obtaining what you deserve. If there is no negligence, then there will be no pay. Your lawyer has to prove that indeed you were not to blame for the accident.
  • Damages: This is evident in your leg injuries and any other loss you may have incurred, such as having your motorcycle damaged. The more you have suffered substantial damages, the higher your compensation will be.

Remember that you will be considering two types of valuation for your motorcycle claim. You will need to determine whether you want to settle your case to avoid the risk of losing a trial or face the court. In any way, if you have the right representation, you should expect to win.

Working With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are small compared to cars, but their legal cases are tough to deal with. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered leg injuries, consider having an experienced lawyer represent you. If you’re not to blame for the accident, nothing should prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve. For any question regarding your leg injuries, talk to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.