Ways in Which Private Investigator Can Help You with Your Divorce Case

Ways in Which Private Investigator Can Help You with Your Divorce Case

The court process can be emotional for both parties, regardless of whether you are the one filing or not.

This is even more complicated when there are young children involved or other dependent family members. There will be disagreements about how assets should be divided, caring for the children, and what other obligations and duties should be fulfilled. This is where accurate information becomes crucial.

Both sides want to see fair and honest settlements when the process is over. However, the court must have all the paperwork before it can make a final determination. A licensed private investigator can help you gather the necessary paperwork. This will ensure that you are treated fairly by the courts in a divorce proceeding.

Ways in Which PIs Can Be Helpful for Your Divorce Case

Evidence of Adultery or Misconduct

A private investigator for a cheating spouse can help determine if a spouse has committed adultery or any other type of marital misconduct. Each state has its no-fault divorce laws. They do not require that there be any evidence of wrongdoing to grant a divorce. For proceedings involving spousal maintenance in states where support is not allowed, marital misconduct may be relevant. A prenuptial agreement may provide better terms for spouses who have committed marital misconduct.

Private investigators can also be hired to investigate abuse cases. This evidence may be used to help the spouse obtain a restraining order, which can provide pre-divorce relief. This includes child support, spousal support, and payment of legal fees.

Asset Searching

Rarely are assets and finances split in a divorce. The reverse is true. Money is a personal issue. Each party will want what they feel owed. This leads to heated arguments about outstanding car or mortgage payments, ownership of vacation houses, division of inheritances, etc. Each party walks away smiling.

A Private Investigator is often called in to conduct an asset search. This involves verifying or uncovering financial information from records or other sources. An extensive asset search can uncover anything, from secret assets in the Maldives to hidden Swiss bank accounts and so on. Lawyers can use these details to help them create a fair and accurate plan for the divorce settlement.

Support Information

One spouse may try to lower their earnings if they know they will be required to support the other. They might try to get along with a boss to postpone bonuses or other employment privileges until after the divorce. To lower earnings, they might take a cut in hours temporarily. If the spouse is the owner of a business, they may take steps that decrease its value, such as increasing debts or delaying the collection of money owed.

A devious spouse may try to cut down on work hours, then work “off-the-books” for the same employer as the other. A spouse receiving financial support could be engaging in similar devious behaviour. They could be living with a partner and not reporting this information to avoid losing financial support. Private investigators are available to help uncover these schemes through surveillance or analysis of financial documents.

Child Support

Divorce can become a lot more complicated when there are children involved. Sometimes, the reasons for the divorce can also be related to the welfare of the children. This happens when there is suspicion of infidelity.

A private investigator can assist in uncovering evidence or verifying information that could be used to support these allegations. This information will then be presented to the court as legal terms. This will enable any protective measures, such as restricted access or supervised visits, to be applied to custody arrangements.

Private investigators are also available to assist with the financial aspects of providing for children in divorce cases. One party may conceal funds or misrepresents their salary to pay less child support. PI’s can examine financial records and perform surveillance to uncover the real numbers to ensure that the parent with primary custody is fairly compensated.


This is the most sensitive aspect of an investigation and often brings out the worst. These are challenging times, and often both the parents and children forget that they are the actual victims. The parents use children as pawns, and often the accusations, lies, and outrageous requests they make leave them without any voice.

All professionals involved in divorce proceedings have first to address the needs and wants of the children.

Final Words

Couples may have to deal with a host of problems when ending their marriage, as divorce rates are rising around the globe. A private detective agency can be a great way to reduce the stress and chaos associated with divorce. This may be since each party can provide more detailed and verified information. Private investigators can find assets and provide proof to support the allegations. They also make great expert witnesses in court.