X Games With The Most Easy User Interfaces

X Games With The Most Easy User Interfaces

Technology in today’s world has progressed a lot further, and with it, the games too. In today’s world, games have become rather hard to play, and the toxicity is too much to stop a newbie’s chances of ever being better at a game! 

Games aren’t meant to be that way. Instead, games are supposed to provide you with an escape from reality, show you a good time, and give you much-needed entertainment. But, the gaming world is very vast, and if you are new to the scene of gaming, then this is just the place for you! This article will talk about some games with the most straightforward user interfaces. 

But first, what is User Interface? 

If you are new to gaming, you probably are unaware of the user interface. To put it simply, any input you give to a game using the HUD is called the user interface. The game’s user interface determines how the user will control a character of the game and how the character will react to certain conditions. 

The user interface also defines the gameplay elements. For example, how controls are laid out or how the game responds to the inputs provided by the user. 

The Best Games

  • Animal Crossing 

If you have been on the internet recently, you would know that Animal Crossing is one of the most wholesome games available out there. This is because the vast audience of this game is friendly people. What attracts these nice people towards this game is the intuitive user interface and the animated graphics that mark the game as suitable for anyone. The new installment of the game brings innovation to it as it allows the users to design and explore their island. You will be interacting with fellow players and collecting and trading various items as well! 

In short, the easy user interface and interacting with friendly people will make you end up spending countless hours on the game! 

  • Mountain Hop

After reading stellar Unlimited Gamez reviews, we have decided to commend them by adding an easy game! 

This game takes second place on the list only because the animal crossing is intuitive and can’t be beaten in that aspect. This game gives you an option to choose from the multiple animated fluffy characters. Once you have selected your personality, your objective will be to hop down from the mountain. Although, you will want to beware as the climb down the hill will not be easy. You will come across some shops where you will encounter obstacles that you need to avoid. 

As you progress down the mountain, you will also find some stars. Collecting these stars is a way to unlock newer playable characters in the game! 

  • Spyro

Spyro adds more color and friendliness to the list! This game features a colorful map and an easy user interface, making it enjoyable. 

In this game, you play Spyro, a cute little dragon, alongside an allied dragonfly, Sparx, who is objective. Their mission is to free other dragons from the crystal dragons existing in the game world! 

You will need to jump, move, fly, and even swim while pairing against enemies or their traps to come out on top and get the best of them. Since this is a multi-platform game, you won’t have any difficulty finding it! 

  • Crash Bandicoot

From the ’90s, you will recognize this favorite within seconds! This game was there when the gaming world was coming to life and still is here for the people stepping into the gaming world! 

You play as Crash, a character that runs around a vast map and looks for the collectible fruit. In this instance, this game is closely related to Super Mario. If you collect 100 coins in this game, you will get an extra life! As you play this game, you will find the world of this game to be colorful and silly. And since this game is easy to play, you will have to spend a lot of time playing this one! 

  • Plants vs. Zombies

If you ask us our favorite game, we will say PvZ in an instant! Plants vs. Zombies is a strategy game in which you have to place the plants using sunlight power to prevent and fight your home against a wave of zombies invading your house. 

According to HBR, playing games can make you a better strategist. And this game is the perfect example of that. You have to utilize your resources, realize how dangerous the enemy is, and use the relevant plant that is strong enough to kill them before reaching the house! 

Initially, the game will start relatively simple and easy. But as you move ahead, the game will become challenging. However, since you will have been playing the game for so long, the challenge won’t be that hard for you! This game is perfect for making you used to do of dealing with demanding conditions. 

  • Stardew Valley 

If you are looking for a game to play on your bad days to put you in a relaxing mood, Stardew Valley is a perfect choice! Think of this game as a mixture of the farming simulator and a role-playing game. 

You play as a character who has recently moved to a valley and has started a farm. Your objective will be to furnish your farm, explore, and upgrade your farm as you complete missions and gather resources. The game will introduce you to various NPCs, including the villagers and other characters of the storyline. 

This game is available on various mobile app stores. However, if you have a PC, you can also play it using a simple tweak! 

  • Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made, and considering how easy it is to play, the fame of this game is well-justified! 

Minecraft features gameplay and graphics, making it suitable for every age. At its core, Minecraft is a simple game with a straightforward user interface which means that you will grasp the basics of the game without any complications. 

In Minecraft, your main task will be to salvage the world and collect resources. The player then uses these resources to make tools and weapons, which you will need for crafting other items, armoire, buildings, and anything that comes to your creative mind! 

  • LEGO 

We’re sure that you remember playing with LEGO games as kids. But, in this instance, a lot hasn’t changed since LEGO games can be played by adults too! LEGO games are ideal for people who want a simple game with an easy interface to enjoy it fully. 

LEGO games make a list as they offer the challenges. However, the extraordinary thing is that these challenges are not that difficult, making the game frustrating. Furthermore, the humor in the game’s dialogues is rather enticing, and you also get a new way of exploring the fan-favorite franchises. These include star wars, Jurassic park, batman, and many others! 

  • Overcooked

If you fancy cooking and trying out a cooking game sounds interesting to you, then this is the perfect game for you! In this game restaurant simulation, you play as a master chef tasked with fulfilling orders and managing the staff. You can also play this game with three of your players and survive the traffic at your restaurant. 

However, this game is different from any cooking game or restaurant simulation you may have played in the past. This game introduces various features such as moving vehicles, ships, space stations, and more! In the beginning, the game is significantly easy. However, the game will release the true chef within you as you progress! 

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. 

Many players of this game, especially those over 40, have reported that it was just what they needed to start their gaming journey. The beginning tutorial of the game is made so simple it feels as if it was made for someone who doesn’t know a thing about a controller or PC.

Furthermore, unlike the other open-world games, this game allows players to explore the game at their own pace. Additionally, this game’s support is outstanding and sends updates frequently. These updates ensure that the game never gets old! If you find yourself in awe of the game’s stunning graphics, the devs have also placed a photography mode within the game, which will allow you to cherish the game forever! 

Final Words

Starting in something like gaming is never an easy step, especially if you talk about multiplayer. Most games come with complex controls, and some pit you against highly ranked players that dominate you and spread toxicity, making you never want to try the game again. 

Fortunately for you, the games on this list do nothing of the sort. These games provide everyone a safe place to come and enjoy the game and spread positivity. However, there might be more games of such type that we are currently unaware of. 

If you know a game that will delight beginners, mention it in the comments sections!