How to Play Android Games on your PC

How to Play Android Games on your PC

Phone games come from afar. From the time Nokia introduced the game ‘snake’ on its emerging phones until today when big names like PUBG or COD Mobile are destroying the gaming industry. Whatever the reason, a smartphone game, no matter how good it is on the touch screen, you always wish to work on a PC. As mentioned, there is nothing better than consoles and PCs in sports; these great smartphone games can also be played on PCs.

To play games, we need a windows software, also known as emulators, rather than emulators, to emulate the Android system on your PC so that the games work as intended. Touchscreen screens have been replaced by keyboard and mouse, and with Adreno graphics replaced by Nvidia or AMD, playing Android games on PC may sound very desirable. Here are some of the most popular and versatile emulators:

• Bluestacks: 

If you’ve ever wondered about playing an android game on a PC and did little to ask among your peers, you must have heard of Bluestacks. Setup Bluestacks by following this simple guide.It is one of the oldest android emulators, gaining popularity while running games that were once popular but now out of public interest, such as subway surfers, ‘angry birds,’ etc. is one of the emulators that can run on almost every single app from a play store, on your PC.

To use the games, first of all, you have to download Bluestacks from its official website. Downloading and installing is very easy, with tips on what to do in every step available all over the internet and in the re-installation process. The latest version of Bluestacks is Bluestacks 4, running on Android Nougat.

After installation, the user needs to sign up for his Google account and then navigate to the ‘My Library’ section to download games from the Play Store. Working with the smart Bluestacks can launch almost every game, with a few jitters and lags here and there. It also recommends games you should and shows pre-downloaded games/applications within the interface.

The most popular games that will work on this platform are Asphalt 9, Fifa Mobile, Clash of Clans, etc.

• MSI app player: 

This software is developed in partnership with the developers of Bluestacks and MSI. It’s almost like Bluestacks without its functionality and interface. The MSI App player is very clean and independent when Bluestacks relies heavily on users and displays recommendations accordingly. Plays a clean interface without recommendations. Only MSI applications are pre-displayed on it. Working smart, it faces fewer lags than Bluestacks.

• Game Loop: 

Developed by Tencent, the same company that makes PUBG and COD mobile. So, without saying, it is understandable that this emulator is designed to run PUBG and COD. However, other games can be played as well. After installation, the interface shows some of the most popular game titles playing on your PC, including PUBG mobile.

Many may wonder if there is a Tencent dedicated PUBG PC game, then why is the emulator needed to play the mobile version. The reason for this, even though we have the same name and the same developers, both of these are two different games. PUBG PC has its servers with its players that do not interfere with PUBG Mobile players. Working smart, nothing beats Game Loop by playing fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) games. While Bluestacks and other emulators show signs of backwardness, Gameloop is not sweating out using his favorite titles. However, in the case of some games, its performance is rather unsatisfactory. Games like Asphalt, a popular racing game for android cars, face a huge dump that makes it unplayable.

• ApowerMirror: 

This software is not an emulator in particular but a screen-sharing platform. After installation, you can connect your phone to your PC via USB or through the same WIFI network. After the link is established, the content of the phone can be streamed to the PC screen. The newest feature offered by this software is the mouse functionality in screen sharing. The user can use the mouse to play the game simultaneously as it is broadcast. It also plays a full feature that provides a diving experience while playing.

• Nox Player: 

Designed as an alternative to Bluestacks, Nox is a flexible emulator that can run almost every app available in the play store. It includes a tablet-like interface, while user recommendations are rare compared to Bluestacks. Or it can be said that Nox is a very customized emulator for gaming. Users can select from the keymap and set the profile options tailored to the user. Settings such as adjustments, frame rates, and other play options can be customized as per the user’s choice. It has a multi-drive feature, which allows many applications in the background without significant impact on performance. This high level of customization can lead to new users being overwhelmed at first and needing to know something before moving on to playing.

Working smart, Nox is like the Bluestacks while proving lags here and there. Jitters may have encountered little in Nox, given the level of compliance. The emulator loads very fast, but it takes time to load games. Car racing games face more jitters at the beginning of the race than on any other track.

These emulators do their job, but much depends on what kind of specs the PC running on it has. With the introduction of phones with high RAM and graphics on the market, smartphone specs can sometimes win over a PC. In basic terms, Android is very different from the windows environment, and games built on other platforms may not be very compatible, but these tips can provide a wide range of android games to be played on PC.