Five Skills Required to Become a Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst

Marketing is an essential part of any business for sustenance and development. Companies need to strategize their approach and plan extensively to gather maximum consumer attention to meet targets.

For that, they often consider outsourcing their marketing campaigns to professionals with dedicated skills to perform in this area. If not that, then they introduce a specialized marketing division to their establishment to provide for their needs. However, a challenge after investing in marketing is assessing its effectiveness.

A diverse list of options and several marketing ideas makes it difficult to decide how you want to lead your campaign. Plus, the variety of platforms and types of content also affects the performance of marketing, so you need to consider them as well before finalizing your strategy. That requires a deep understanding of business and technology, combined with expertise in the marketing department.

Unfortunately, not every individual can factor these elements and determine if your existing marketing plans are worth continuing or producing desired results. Without taking this into account, you are likely to question the concepts of marketing and abandoning it. That approach might lead to damaging your company’s position and present your opposition with the opportunity to dominate the competition.

Instead of taking that route, what you should be doing is revising your strategy after conducting sound assessments. Most companies enlist the help of a proficient marketing analyst to offer their assistance. They are smart, capable, and equipped with the right set of skills to refine your marketing schemes. Their comprehensive understanding and analytical abilities enable them to identify flaws and suggest upgrades to your methods.

Plus, they can save you from blind investments and ensure that you are spending resources in the right areas. That makes them an asset and enjoy a stable position at any company.

It is a prosperous and comfortable profession, but you can’t tap into it without meeting standard criteria. If you are wondering what that might be, then here’s your answer. Five skills required to become a marketing analyst.

#1. Statistical Knowledge & Experience

Marketing may seem simple and straightforward, but there are lots of intricate details and knowledge behind its figures. As a marketing analyst, you need to make meaning out of those numbers and plan accordingly.

While designing a strategy, analysts use their in-depth understanding of the dynamics of marketing and combine those concepts with emerging trends. Based on the statistics and consumer demands, they devise a balanced plan for the company’s growth.

After launching the campaign, they closely monitor its progress and effectiveness to determine if they need to make any revisions. A textbook method of doing this is by setting realistic goals and take achieving them as a sign of its success.

Some of these are easily attainable from completing degree programs. However, you need experience in this field to earn a reputable name for yourself.

#2. Research & Analysis

Marketing analysts conduct thorough research into their options and examine how their competition is strategizing their approach. That requires them to investigate records and information from past campaigns and analyze their results.

Identifying the former shortcomings and defining the hindrance that a company’s marketing plan might have faced, they come up with ways to overcome them and reinvent the company’s image. That often requires them to reach conclusions by interpreting data and trusting their findings. The best possible way of doing that is by basing their evaluations on quantitative and qualitative analysis.

#3. Critical Thinking

As a marketing analyst, you need to keep up with any developments resulting from your revision of plans. It’s best that you carefully analyze those trends and find ways to deal with any obstacles that it might be facing.

Additionally, they also need to trace the response that their marketing initiates. Not just from the customers, but also the competitors in the industry. Based on that, you need to decide if your existing schemes can use any upgrades, or you should continue walking the same path. All this requires extensive critical thinking and a presence of mind to bring forth all the knowledge to the table while considering your options.

#4. Strong Written & Oral Communication

Marketing is reliant not on strategy alone, but also how you phrase things and communicate with others. Part of this job requires a marketing analyst to notice these elements before going public, and make necessary changes to make it appear or sound more pleasing to audiences.

Additionally, you need to use these skills with executives and officials while sharing your findings. It can be difficult for you to win them over and make necessary changes to strategies if you are not using the right words.

Plus, there’s also the part you act as the marketing spokesperson for conferences. You need to convey your vision in this setting to amplify the impact of your work and ensure that everyone is connecting to it at the frequency as you do.

#5. Adaptability

Most important of all, as a marketing analyst, you are fully aware of the ground realities of any marketing campaign. Realizing their inefficiency but choosing to continue those means inviting unnecessary losses. That is a fault on your part.

What you need to do is be realistic with your choices and adapt to the developing situation. Exhibiting flexibility and making changes in time can save your company from unreasonable expenditures.


These are the five most valuable skills that you need to possess to become a marketing analyst. Besides working on fulfilling your qualification requirements, try to work on fostering them consciously to ensure that you are a good fit for your profession. Once you have them in the bag, you can lead a comfortable standard of living and handpick your career opportunities