Is Hanbok fashionable? A survey on today’s different perspectives on the Hanbok


Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that is somewhat similar to Japanese kimonos. This dress has always been under international fashion radar. It has been gaining attention between a famous designer from the past few years. The inspiration has made it into many fashion shows and events under spring collections and others. Hanboks are generally customized according to one’s body and consist of two-piece, i.e., a full skirt and long-sleeved top. They are readily available online, or one can buy them from Korean Hanbok store by customizing it. Let’s know more about the changing dynamics and today’s perspective on Hanbok.

Color as design

Hanbok is a little complicated but has successfully gained the attention of high profile admirers like Giorgio Armani. This dress is available for both men and women, but their pattern and style vary from each other. Nowadays, the look of Hanbok is different from what it was previously in Korean history. The growing fashion trends have broken former limits and rules about hanbok. One can pair Hanbok with a headpiece, overcoats, or pants to give a more formal look. Recently, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton grabbed attention by wearing Hanbok for their trips. Hanbok is a popular choice for tourists visiting Korea.

Earlier, the embroidery on Hanbok was only limited to the royalty’s clothing, but now it has much more to experiment with color. Different colors and patterns symbolize something unique like yellow represents the maidenhood of unmarried women. Hanboks are colored using natural dyes while using petals of bright, attractive colors.

The color depends on what occasion you are choosing this dress for, such as weddings, funerals, first birthdays, or family gatherings. The earlier color was a matter of class, but now people choose the color according to what suits them best, and the season they are being worked. Deep, vibrant colors are usually worn on a special occasion, whereas pastels are most favored for commoners. They are present in various materials ranging from silk, satin, and cotton fabric to suit the desired climate.

The costume makes your upper body look small, and the skirt wrapped around your waist gives an attractive balance to the lower body. This drape fits almost every female’s physique by flattering their body types. Brides and groom, also wear wedding hanbok while seeking blessing from their elders. The tradition of wearing new Hanbok is followed during every new year in Korea to represent honor and wealth. There had been significant efforts made to make the comeback of Hanboks by broadcasting them in Korean drama or giving free entries to people wearing it in museums. White and black colored hanboks still don’t exist as the color represents the symbol of sadness.

Modern hanboks

In the past few years, hanboks have undergone significant modernization. They are available in many new versions, like the ones with full or partial length. Women are also pairing the upper part of Hanbok with their dresses or jeans while making it a casual wear or street style.  Men can match hanboks with baggy pants or jackets.

Hanboks are emerging as a trend in social media with the hashtag of hanbokstagram, arming the people with their selfies around the camera. Earlier it was considered uncomfortable to wear this attire, but people have eventually started enjoying this activity. Despite these, many teenagers and youngsters find it cumbersome for daily life. The long skirts don’t prove to be much comfortable for college going students or the ones considering this for any trip. However, many designers have considered these problems and have designed hanboks with cinched waistlines, shorter skirts, and cute patterns at affordable prices.


This modernization has allowed the younger generation to get involved with their own culture. This outfit makes one feel adaptable, princess-like while carrying the piece of history. Hanbok has been trending in many countries, including Asia, Europe, and South America. It is no longer limited to a strictly Korean centric design and emits elegance and delicacy in the attire. Hanboks has made Korea step into the world of fashion from the last few years.