Business Sustainability 101: 5 Ideas To Shift To Organic Branding And Packaging

5 Ideas To Shift To Organic Branding And Packaging

Nowadays, it’s easier to start and run a business because of how accessible everything is—thanks to the internet. But along with changes in technology and running a business comes social and environmental responsibility, especially when you consider how large companies contribute to pollution. 

This is why, these days, sustainable entrepreneurs and businesses are getting more traction and support from the public. Being aware of their activities as a company can affect the environment. In some ways, it’s also a great way to secure the market of individuals who live a sustainable lifestyle and only support brands and companies that align with their values and beliefs.  

Depending on the kind of business, there are many ways to practice sustainability. And one of these ways is to utilize organic branding and packaging. For a better idea, here are some ways any business could do this.  

Using Organic T-Shirt Printing 

Many businesses today use clothing, especially t-shirts, to make their brand known. Whether it’s through merchandising or uniforms worn by personnel. However, t-shirt printing can be wasteful and unsustainable. Therefore, companies need to find a way to get around this problem, and one solution is to use organic T-shirt printing.  

Going For Reusable Items 

Practicing sustainability includes reducing single-use products and packaging. This is why more physical stores are encouraging shoppers to bring their own bags. But these days, many other businesses are taking that a step further.  

By taking out packaging completely, some stores require buyers to bring their own jars and bottles to their store. If the customer plans to buy pasta, sauces, soaps, and more, they’ll have to fill up empty containers they bring with them.  

As for online brands and shops, some allow customers to return containers. To better promote this practice, they offer freebies or vouchers for future purchases. It’s not just a great way to profit and save money for packaging; it also allows customers to get a better deal in the future.  

Switching To Recycled Packaging Or Other Alternatives 

The next thing businesses could do is to switch to recycled packaging. While many companies use organic packaging like paper bags, switching to recycled materials can also be a fantastic choice. This way, a company can help reduce waste in the environment.  

But companies can go for other sustainable materials for their packaging too. Here are some other things that could be used to pack products: 

  • Compostable packaging 
  • Biodegradable packing peanuts 
  • Organic fabrics 
  • Corrugated bubble wrap 
  • Mushroom packaging 
  • Seaweed packaging  
  • Cornstarch packaging 

As technology advances, more and more discoveries and inventions for organic packaging are made. So, it’s also essential for brands to stay up to date with all these to see which materials would best suit their products.  

Being Creative And Practical With Packaging Design 

Creativity isn’t just about coming up with attractive designs for brand logos and packaging. It also takes an innovative mind and eye to come up with packaging that can be turned into something else that’s also useful. For instance, one known clothing company created a paper bag that can be converted into a clothes hanger in just a few folds. There are also water bottles made out of plastic, edible cups, edible straws, and more.  

And the great thing about coming up with an original and creative sustainable packaging style is that it can garner a lot of publicity for your business. This way, you could also reach more possible customers, help the environment, and inspire people or other companies to follow suit.   

Avoiding Wasteful Designs 

Branding is also about how a business is run, which means that every step in production should be done consistently with a company’s outlook and values. Therefore, it’s vital to eliminate any parts of production that waste money, time, and materials.  

Concerning packaging, it’s crucial to still indicate your brand through a logo, color, and other kinds of designs. However, even the design that you print on packaging can be wasteful. This explains why many organic brands use minimalist designs, not just for aesthetic reasons but for practicality. They do this to avoid using too much ink and time when printing the design and logo on their packaging materials.  


More companies are switching to becoming sustainable, but it isn’t always as easy as getting a paper bag and calling it quits. There are creative, practical, and intelligent ways to do it through branding and packaging. Aside from promoting sustainability, much of these efforts are practical for business as well.