Exciting Electric Skateboard Trends We’re Looking Forward To

Electric Skateboard

The popularity of skateboards has reached record-breaking heights. According to a market report, global sales for skateboards may reach up to $170 million in 2024. It is an approximately 2.1 percent increase from the numbers recording in 2019. The United States is one of the biggest markets for this kind of extreme sports equipment.

Anyone who wants to venture into this sport can purchase a high-quality electric skateboard online or in local shops. If you are planning to invest your time and money in skateboarding, here are several skateboarding trends that you need to know in 2020.

Establishment Of New Electric Skateboard Laws

Online electric scooters already earned restrictions in different parts of the world, but only a few countries have ordinances to permit or ban the use of electric skateboards in major roads. However, things look brighter in 2020 because of the growing popularity of electric skateboards in the market today. Based on a report, more governments are ready to prepare their cities to welcome these self-balancing vehicles in their country.

In the U.S., the state of California allows electric skateboard riders to operate it on bicycle paths and private roads with less traffic as long as they practice proper safety measures. According to self-balancing vehicle pro website Hover Patrol, one of the best safety practices when using an electric skateboard is to keep its manual. It will serve as your guide to operate the skateboard properly. Other countries that practice safe electronic skateboarding include Singapore and Norway.

Emergence Of Modular Electronic Skateboards

More electronic skateboards will have the ability to change components for modification. Aside from changing the design and colors of your board, you may soon find electronic skateboards that you can customize according to the kind of riding experience that you want to enjoy. It will change the way you enjoy riding skateboards on public roads.

Some of the common electric skateboard modifications sold in the market today include various belt-drive systems. You can use this to swap the wheels. Other electric skateboard parts alternatives include fast-swapping battery systems and convertible PU sleeve types usually used for hub motors. You may also find other changes in electronic skateboard technologies in the coming days.

Another emerging trend in the electric skateboard industry includes the release of different accessories to help provide a better riding experience. Some will feature USB outlets located at the battery packs. This means that there will be several accessories that you may connect through those ports. Other high-quality electric skateboard safety gear may also come out in the market in the near future.