7 Reasons to Go Hiking More Often This Year

Reasons to Go Hiking More Often This Year

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a majority of individuals in the United States spend 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, in most cases, your indoor air might be more polluted than the outdoor air, which is worse for individuals living in the largest and most industrialized cities. As covid 19 restrictions ease and things start to get back to normal, it’s a great time for you to explore new activities and spend more time reaping the benefits of the outdoors. What better way to do that than going hiking? Keep reading to discover the benefits you gain when you go hiking more often this year.

1. Hiking Is Great Exercise

According to research going hiking will help you burn more calories than simply taking a walk. The American Heart Association states that going for a short hike every once a week is equivalent to exercising for 150 min every week on a moderate level. This powerful cardio workout will help lower the risk of heart attack as well as improve your sugar levels and blood pressure. Moreover, it’s one way to tone and toughen your muscles.

2. Great for Your Brain Function

Studies have shown that hiking can be closely associated with plenty of intellectual benefits such as improved memory. Thanks to the added oxygenation that comes with it, you’ll be able to stimulate your hippocampus as well as the retrosplenial cortex, whilst increasing your creativity level. Since you’re required to uphold a keen sense of your environs, going hiking will aid you in lessening the risk of Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, by spending more time hiking, you’re able to calm down the part of your brain that’s linked to mental illnesses.

3. Hiking Will Make You Happier

Hiking gives you a chance to interact with your friends or partner, catch up, share ideas, or find solutions to problems you might have been facing. As a result, you’re able to offload what has been bothering you, leading to the feeling of relief and happiness. Moreover, even when doing it alone, hiking gives you a sense of accomplishment which in turn improves your self-esteem. According to mental experts, hiking will help you usher new feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.

4. Lessen Stress and Anxiety

With your busy work life and everything, you see on the screens, finding a work-life balance is vital for your physical as well as mental health. Failure to do that you might end up being anxious and stressed, which in turn leads to low performance and burnout. Hiking gives you a chance to get away from technology and take advantage of the silence to spend time thinking about the things that matter to you.

5. Hiking Improves Sleep Quality

Hiking does more than infusing you with vitamin D, which is essential for mental clarity. Since going hiking will make you happier, less stressed, and less anxious, you’ll be more relaxed and can easily drift to sleep when it’s time. According to research, an exercise such as hiking raises your heart rate for a long period and will aid you in battling insomnia nearly as effectively as sleeping pills.

6. Almost Anyone Can Do It

Contrary to other activities such as rock climbing and Kayaking which are limited to certain demographics, hiking is something that a person of any age and any budget can indulge in. Since it’s easy on the joints and good for your back, it’s perfect for anyone looking to get out more this year, exercise, and reconnect with nature. According to research, hiking will help reduce joint and knee pain in seniors. For teenagers, hiking will have a positive impact on their overall mood as well as school performance. A popular and beautiful hike in California is in Yosemite National Park. Half Dome, is a challenging hike to go on with family or friends, just make sure to get Half Dome permits for hiking and you will be all set!

7. Strengthens Relationships

Hiking is a great social activity to partake with your significant other, friends, or family. And since you are not distracted by your TV or phones, you have enough time to learn more about one another and bond. Moreover, even when alone, it gives you an opportunity to meet new people, learn from them and make new friends. Who knows? It might be where you’ll meet the love of your life.


Are you looking to get out more and live a healthy lifestyle? Or you’re simply wondering how you can lose weight whilst improving your bodily and psychological health? Mentioned above are among many reasons you should contemplate going hiking often this year.