7 Fun Activities for Company Retreats and Team Building

Fun Activities for Company Retreats and Team Building

If you have ever had the honor of leading a team, you will definitely understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration. It is the responsibility of managers to keep the employees on the same page, sometimes by coercion and sometimes through enjoyable team-building activities. It comes as no surprise that in order to succeed, every business, either large or small, requires a good team of employees.

While the definition of a “great team” is different for every company, though the base of being able to work together effectively and successfully is universal. None of this would be possible without concerted effort, particularly from team leaders who understand how to create an environment in which everyone can perform at their best. In this article, we will look at some of the fun activities that can help you in strengthening your team:

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Imagine that your workers are split into small groups, dumped off in the middle of a city with only their iPad and a fighting spirit in their hearts. After that, your teams run throughout the city, taking bizarre pictures in front of buildings, undertaking culturally specific tasks such as painting, and mingling with people in the hopes of amassing enough points to be proclaimed champions.

A scavenger hunt’s idea is well-known, and it’s an excellent method to get teams working together quickly. What is maybe less known is the fact that this activity can do so much more than just instilling a competitive spirit in your team. Companies with employees that trust each other and are actively engaged in the group’s success routinely generate more revenues than competitors who lack this form of unity.


You can put in some extra effort, and with that, you can step up your average trivia game. Trivia may be a terrific opportunity for your team to learn more about the company and everyone in it while having fun at the same time. The manager will construct trivia questions and specific categories based on the employees attending the retreat as well as about the business by using the regular Trivial Pursuit board and guidelines. Marketing plans, prior events, sales targets, and future goals should all be used as examples of general company knowledge.

The point of the game is not to see who does not really know enough about the company, so ensure that at least a few participants of each side know the answers to some of the questions.

Blind Retriever

Blind Retriever’s purpose is to lead a blindfolded individual to a specific location or a hidden item. This game is an excellent approach to see how well your team collaborates with each other under pressure and listens to directions. To begin, divide your staff into small groups and blindfold one member of each group. The team with the fastest time to successfully guide their blindfolded teammate to a hidden object eventually wins.

Cultural Celebrations

Nothing is more innocent and wonderful than appreciating one another’s differences. If your company is varied, you may hold annual cultural celebrations where employees can share their heritage with their coworkers. You might even request that personnel dress in traditional attire and deliver special meals or refreshments.

Puzzle of Barter

These are basically jigsaw puzzles but with a bit of innovation and twist. All you have to do is divide your team into groups and assign each a separate jigsaw piece to complete. The twist here is that every set will be lacking a few puzzle pieces that will be in the hands of the rival players. The teams will then have to bargain with each other to obtain the remaining jigsaw parts by exchanging pieces and, in certain cases, even team members.

Play Board Games

When it comes down to it, board games are always a good choice. They’re fantastic for working on logical reasoning, resource management, and a variety of other mental skills. The best thing about board games is that they are inexpensive and can be played almost anyplace. Codenames and Monopoly are among the most popular workplace games right now.

Organize Employee Recognition Parties

Organizing small parties and functions to recognize the hard work of your employees is very important. This would not only boost their confidence but motivate them to work harder in the future. You can present your employees with custom engraved plaques to encourage them.


Try any of the above-mentioned team activities to get a successful retreat.