Keeping a Balanced Social Life as a Parent

Keeping a Balanced Social Life as a Parent

If you are a parent then you are probably aware that parenting is not the most relaxing way to spend your time and that the glorious stories you heard of motherhood were not necessarily all true.

As a parent, you have a tremendous amount of pressure and responsibility on you (and your partner). You don’t only have to raise your child, but you have to educate them, keep them safe, and support them through their journey to adulthood.

Usually, the stress is the highest when you are a first-time parent. With no previous experience, at times you may feel that you have no idea what you’re doing or how to solve certain issues.

This article contains a few useful tips that could help you both with parenting and keeping your cool!

Tip 1: Keep a balanced life between being a mom and ‘you’.

Whilst your child is number one, it’s also important that you spend time on yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean going out partying multiple times a week but do remember to have some time for yourself. This may be a quick coffee with a friend or simply having a long hot shower whilst someone else is watching the baby.

Tip 2: Be proud to be a parent.

Most people instinctually feel proud to be a parent, however, at times it does get overwhelming and may also negatively influence your social life. As a mother, you will no longer afford being able to go out daily with your friends, or at least that’s what you think.

Just because you are taking your child along with you to your coffee catch-up with a friend doesn’t mean that you two (or three) cannot have fun. Perhaps the ideal would be having some alone time, but just because you have a baby that shouldn’t prevent you from going out.

Tip 3: Have a healthy balance.

If your friends are true to you then they will understand how you may arrive in ‘company’. Make sure that you surround yourself with a supportive group of people as opposed to those that may spark guilt in you for canceling and rescheduling multiple times.

Whilst your life may mostly consist of babysitting, if you are in search of a job, don’t feel guilty putting some time aside to Google “top home jobs” or “pregnancy job”.

Tip 4: Don’t be selfish.

As obvious as this may sound, this doesn’t come to every new parent right away. Be aware that by being a parent you will have to make large adjustments in your life. Whilst you should have time for yourself and hobbies do understand and accept that as a parent you have extra responsibility and that there will be times when it will be more difficult to focus on yourself.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to rely on others.

Parenthood, especially at the beginning, can be very challenging and can be more than a two people job.

Do keep in mind that regardless of having a partner or being a single parent, it’s okay to ask for help from others. This might mean asking your parents or your spouse’s parents to take the kids for a weekend or simply phoning the neighbor to come over for 10 minutes while you run to the post office.

You may think that you are asking for too much and don’t want to disturb people, but that may not be the case. Of course, you shouldn’t take others’ help for granted, but you should be aware that you are not alone on this journey.

Tip 6: Nursery and Kindergarten.

Make sure that you utilize the services of nurseries and kindergartens. These will not only help you to catch up on sleep and arrange your time better but could greatly benefit your child as well.

Nurseries tend to be the first places where young children are exposed to the company of others within their age. By taking your child to a nursery they learn to get comfortable in a different environment and around other people outside of the family.

Kindergartens also help integrate your child into society from a young age as they are taught to communicate and are shown a variety of social skills from the earliest steps. This includes taking part in group activities, sharing toys (arguing over toys), and enhancing both their social and motor skills.

Kindergartens tend to be equipped with a wide range of toys that enhance the child’s creativity as well as interactive skills. By keeping your child at home, you will not only drain yourself but might restrict your child from receiving teaching from a professional and an environment that is unavailable within the family home.

Tip 7: Purchase items that help your child to further develop their skills.

These may be board games or building blocks, however, if you are on a budget then crayons and big-piece puzzles may be the go-to!

Of course, there is so much more to parenthood—you have to pay constant attention to your child and their health and many more. Nevertheless, if you feel overwhelmed then instead of looking for sudden life-changing answers, maybe observe the basics and see if there is something small to alter that can bring about a big positive change!