Benefits of Recycling For Small Businesses

Benefits of Recycling For Small Businesses

More than 146 million tons of waste was sent to landfill in 2018 – that’s 50% of all waste collected. Businesses can benefit both financially and in terms of their reputation if they choose to recycle. As just about anything can be recycled, including paper, cans, glass and plastics, it is worthwhile making changes within the workplace to allow for this to happen. Have a look at some of the surprising reasons why it is important for businesses to recycle.

Legislation Requirements

Although there is no national law in the US which mandates recycling, there is the Resource Conservation and Recycling Act, which creates the framework for proper waste management. According to the Natural Environment Research Council, 49 states have bans on sending certain items to landfill, including paint, tin cans and white goods. Although your state government may not have laws, your local government might have recycling rules. The benefits of following the law include avoiding fines or repercussions, and maintaining a solid reputation as a small business. The laws also act as a guideline to show which items are best recycled, giving you an idea of how to progress your recycling plan.

Financial Benefits

Small businesses need to make savings wherever they can, and a great way to do this is to introduce a recycling program. Recycling companies often charge less than those which send waste to landfill to encourage recycling in businesses: therefore, this will make a saving. Companies which generate a lot of waste such as paper or cardboard may be able to sell it for a profit or even reuse it within the business as packaging for shipping items. This saves money on purchasing brand new products. Technology can also be recycled, and recycled products bought back, often at a lower price. Recycling makes business sense for growing businesses.

Reputational Gains

According to an experienced scrap metal dealer in Austin, digging fresh ore from the ground is much costlier to metal manufacturers than it is to source metal from recycled materials. Your business will be recognized for giving back to the economy as well as the environment, so look beyond the obvious paper and plastic when you’re considering your recycling policy. Many recycling firms will buy metals and electronics from you, thus also benefiting your business’ finances. Recycling creates jobs for others within your community, and the savings made by manufacturers can be invested elsewhere, such as on increasing wages. Research shows that moving to a 75% recycling rate could create 1.5 million new jobs. Your small business can become known as a sustainable, socially responsible company if committed to a recycling program.

Your small business can benefit greatly from a sustainable recycling plan. Ensure that you communicate your environmentally friendly approach to your customers to show the efforts you are making to improve your brand.