5 Appliances That All Bachelors Pad Must have


Think about a bachelor’s pad, and the first thought that comes to mind are pieces of equipment designed to fulfill the needs and wants of the single man. Perhaps, you already have lounge chairs, entertainment systems, and spirits for when you have guests.

But don’t forget about obtaining appliances that can help make your bachelor’s life more comfortable than before. With that in mind, here are five devices you should have in your pad.

#1. Coffee maker

Many coffee makers of today do more than give you the best cup of coffee to perk up your mornings. For instance, you can now grind beans and directly turn them into a fresh brew without needing a separate appliance to do so. So, aim for a unit that can do the job for you so each cup-of-Joe is fresh.

Consequently, opt for a coffee-making machine that can give you the beverage in a few minutes. As a bachelor, you might not have enough time in your busy schedule to handle several tasks at once and you may miss out on this important part of your morning routine.

Furthermore, make sure the coffee maker you choose is easy to clean. Search for a coffee maker that can let you disassemble its parts for easy cleaning. This functionality may significantly save you a lot of time and effort so you can have more time to enjoy the day.

#2. Vacuum Cleaner

Weekends are reserved for frolic and rest from a stressful work week. But, it can be cumbersome to come stay in a messy bachelor’s pad during the weekend. Removing the dirt and trash that you’ve gathered in your home can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours to accomplish.

Invest in a vacuum cleaner instead of wasting the weekends away, trying to pick every piece of garbage on your floor with your two hands. Many models can now do more than keeping your floors clean.

For instance, opt to use a bagless upright vacuum cleaner to help clean your floors. Various bagless models are available on the market at reasonable prices. Also, these vacuum cleaners may come with cordless models, so you don’t have to worry about wires before you start cleaning your pad.

#3. Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking uses electricity instead of gas to help prepare your food. These appliances are easier to clean and can provide adequate heat to cook food, without the risk of fires caused by faulty gas cookers.

Before purchasing one of your own, consider the size you’ll be needing and the amount of kitchen space you have for it. Make sure that it isn’t too large that you won’t have enough space left on your kitchen counter.

Select a model that lets you cook at different temperatures. Variable heating is a crucial feature for bachelors looking to cook their own food.

Furthermore, check the length of the cord. The cooker should have enough cord length to reach the nearby wall outlet. But if you want a specific model but it has a short cable, consider buying an extension cord.

#4. Refrigerator

A bachelor’s pad isn’t complete without a refrigerator as you would need a place to put your food in. You can store breakfasts-on-the-go, healthy lunches, and hearty dinners for you and your lady friend for the night.

The best refrigerator for your bachelor pad is dependent on many things. First, consider the size of your kitchen and where you’re planning to put the appliance in. Take note of this before going refrigerator shopping, along with other factors like finishes and special features.

Consider the food and beverages you plan on storing in the appliance. Opt to buy a fridge that can keep your food and drinks cold and fresh without damaging your home’s circuit breakers.

The refrigerator you pick should be energy-efficient as well. That way, you won’t worry about looking at your monthly electricity bill.

#5. Air Conditioner

The summer months can be a problem if your pad doesn’t have a reliable air conditioner. So, pick an excellent air-conditioning unit that can provide the necessary cool air to your pad.

As with the other appliances, make sure that the cooling unit is the right size. For example, if your pad already has a space for a window-mounted unit, buy a model that fits the area.


Consider buying these appliances when you’re furnishing your bachelor’s pad. These pieces of equipment can help make your life more comfortable than before. This is especially important if you’re living alone, as these help reduce the time and effort it takes to do specific tasks. This way, you can spend more time with your friends while living the good life.