The Perfect Gift Guide for a Video Game Lover

The Perfect Gift Guide for a Video Game Lover

When someone close to you has a hobby they’re passionate about, giving them presents that allow them to continue practicing that hobby shows how much you care. If you’ve got a friend or loved one who loves to play video games or is a professional gamer, there are several gifts to choose from. Here are some of the best gifts to give the gamer in your life.

TV Backlight

This light strip from Luminoodle TV has a 3M adhesive backing so your friend or loved one can position it on the back of a monitor or HDTV. The light is available in 15 colors and has 10 brightness settings to make a gaming station more customized and visually appealing. The backlight also helps to reduce strain on the eyes since the light will not add a glare to the gaming screen.

To make the gaming space even more coordinated, you can purchase an RGB keyboard or mouse with lights that match the backlight.

A Gaming Laptop

If you’re getting a gift for a PC gamer who likes to play on the couch instead of a desk, a gaming laptop is a great choice. Many laptops have a USB hub for plugging in all the devices necessary for gaming like a keyboard, headset, or mouse. Some gaming laptops also feature side pockets to store a computer mouse, remote control, or even a beverage. Choose a gaming laptop with a Velcro strap to the keyboard in place.


Skins are coverings for devices that will make your friend’s prized equipment customized and colorful. If your loved one is into Nintendo Switch games, you can purchase Nintendo Switch skins featuring their favorite Nintendo games and characters in bright colors.

Gaming Laptop

If you want to splurge on a gift for the gamer you love, get them a gaming laptop like the Razer Blade 15. This laptop features a competent six-core i7 processor from Intel, graphics chips from Nvidia RTX 2060, a 512GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM.

Orzly Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch

Surprise your teen or vintage gaming enthusiast this year with a Nintendo Switch, and give them a few accessories that will make using the console more enjoyable. The Orzly Geek Pack is a great deal and comes with all the features Nintendo lovers want.

Gooseneck Stand

This Switch stand offers more possibilities for gaming. You can clip the gooseneck stand onto a car seat, chair, desk, or bed frame. The stand has an aluminum arm that makes it flexible but durable. This stand is compatible with devices with screens that are between 4-and 10 inches, which makes it a great gift for gamers who want to play at their desk or before bed.

Wearable Blanket

This cozy, oversized hoodie is so comfortable, that your loved one may want to wear it even when they’re not gaming. The Comfy, which was featured on a Shark Tank episode, makes an ideal gift since it has a microfiber exterior and sherpa material on the inside to make it extra cozy. The Comfy also has sleeves that leave a gamer hands-free.

Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

These earbuds can intensify the gaming experience. The earbuds are wireless and comfortable so your loved one can enjoy hours of gaming while moving freely. This is a great gift choice because the earbuds are lightweight and won’t become uncomfortable after hours of wear. The high-quality sound also allows you to hear audio details in games that you may not have noticed before.

Vintage Playstation Gifts

If your friend grew up loving video games, these Playstation gifts are sure to be a hit. These presents can remind your friend of their childhood or bring back fond memories of purchasing their first game.

The X or ‘cross’ is the main button on a Playstation controller and has been a symbol associated with the gaming system for almost 30 years. Desk lights featuring the ‘cross’, triangle, square, and circle buttons will add more color to the gaming area The lights react to the audio in video games and music played on the console which makes the gaming experience more interactive.

You can include a Playstation t-shirt with the gift as well so your loved one will have something comfy to play video games in.

These are just a few suggestions to keep in mind the next time there’s a special occasion where your gaming friend or family member is the guest of honor. Presenting a combination of these gifts will keep the gamer in your life enthralled with their favorite video games.