10 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Planner

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Planner

Planning for a wedding can be an overwhelming experience for you. You may have several responsibilities in life like family, friends and career. It can be a nightmare for you to plan a wedding under these conditions. In order to make all this less stressful and easy for you, hire a wedding planner. Make sure that he is the right person for this task. Now I will give you 10 tips for hiring the perfect wedding planner.

  1. Select the wedding planner on the basis of experience – Before you select a wedding planner, ask him if he has any experience in that field. It is just like someone goes for a job interview and the interviewer asks this question from him. The candidates may have decorated the wedding venues and handled families of various types. On this basis you need to shortlist them.
  2. Take advice from some other people – Your family members and friends can guide you very well. A lot of people in your friend circle may have hired a wedding planner. Go and ask them how good was their marriage function that he planned. Then contact each candidate as per the recommendations and pick the best one.
  3. Plan your budget – Identify the amount of money that you can give to him. After this go and manage the budget. It is possible that certain vendors also know him well. In this way you can also get good discounts from the vendors that know him and can save your so much money.
  4. Pick a theme – There are various themes in which different wedding planners take interest to perform their task. Get some knowledge of the themes and then allow a wedding planner to perform the remaining task by himself. On Google, search Pinterest and you will easily get theme ideas.
  5. Tell him what you expect from him in marriage – Be honest and tell him about all your expectations and dreams so that he can make the marriage unforgettable for you as well as for the guests. In order to know about your level of imagination, level of maintenance, needs and wishes, it is necessary that he asks a lot of questions from you also.
  6. Ask him about his charges – Some planners charge a definite amount of money for the complete marriage and some charge for every hour. So be careful about all this. First ask him about his charging procedure and then hire him.  
  7. Search and find if there is any deal in a package – Some venues demand a fixed amount of money for the complete marriage and they also include the planner in it. So, if you find the rates convenient for you then go for the deal of the package.
  8. You and the wedding planner need to sign a contract – Write down all the terms and conditions on a paper after negotiating with him. Then ask him to sign the contract. This will strengthen your expectations and ideas and convert them into reality. If the marriage does not go according to the plan then you can blame him. Once he signs the contract, the complete responsibility of making the arrangements at the marriage will be on his shoulders.
  9. Discuss with your partner – You and your partner together can select the planner and discuss the budget for all the activities and arrangements that he will make. But why will you do this? It is because he is as important as your marriage. He can arrange all the important things at your marriage and can make it a memorable marriage.
  10. Introduce your family to him – It will be good for you if he meets with your complete family. As you will spend most of the time welcoming guests and in the ceremony. So, when he will not find you then he can take advice from the members of your family. They also know about the marriage plans. In this way the marriage can happen from start to finish, without any problem.  

In order to make everything happen on time it becomes necessary for you to hire a planner for your marriage. Just go and take an interview of the candidates that are ready to make your marriage unforgettable.

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