Guide to the Perfect Christmas Eve Plate For Santa: What to Leave and What to Skip

Guide to the Perfect Christmas Eve Plate For Santa

‘Tis the season to spread joy, and what better way than ensuring Santa gets the perfect fuel for his magical journey? This guide will help you craft the ultimate Christmas Eve plate for Santa, ensuring a night of delight and minimizing the risk of any unwanted sleigh mishaps.

Christmas Eve Plate for Santa: Setting the Stage

When it comes to creating the ideal Christmas Eve plate for Santa, tradition often takes center stage. The classics like mince pies and brandy have long been the stars of the show, but with households worldwide contributing to Santa’s feast, it might be time to rethink the menu.

What do you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Surveying the festive landscape, we discovered that 39% of households stick to the traditional mince pies, while 12% opt for the classic touch of brandy. A whopping 63.4% go for a type of milk, with 17% breaking away from the norm with cookies. Now, that’s a sweet celebration, but let’s think about balancing Santa’s plate a bit more this year.

Consider leaving a spare bag of crisps on your Christmas Eve plate. It’s a salty break from the sugary treats, giving Santa something to savor and soak up all the holiday cheer.

Don’t Drink and Fly: A Responsible Pour for Santa

We all know Santa loves a good tipple, but let’s not overdo it. While 12% of households leave Santa a glass of brandy, our survey revealed that 36.4% are on the alcohol-giving bandwagon. Fret not; it seems the majority are aware of the risks. Plus, the skies are pretty quiet on Christmas Eve.

In a touch of sophistication, 4.4% opt for wine, 9.6% for whisky, and beer takes the second spot at 10.4%. You can use an alcohol free beer delivery service to save time  If you’re planning on offering Santa a little beverage boost, save a glass of whatever you have in. It’s a savvy, waste-saving alternative.

Public Service Announcement: No and Low Alcohol Options

For those concerned about Santa flying under the influence, we’ve got you covered. Our fantastic range of no and low-alcohol options ensures everyone enjoys the festive cheer without any not-so-festive consequences. After all, nobody wants a tipsy Santa creating chaos in the living room or, even worse, nodding off on the job!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: More Than Just Carrots

Rudolph and his shiny nose deserve some love too. Out of the 250 surveyed, 82 households (32.8%) are leaving carrots on their Christmas Eve plates for Santa. Eat your carrots, and you might just guide Santa through the dark with ease!

Going the extra mile, 13.6% of people are leaving special reindeer food. Can’t find any? No worries! We’ve heard Rudolph is partial to any vegetables, so use what you’ve got to keep the reindeer team fueled and ready.

Santa’s Choice: Milk Matters

It seems Santa has a clear favorite, with 63.4% of households leaving him a glass of milk or milk alternative. Cow’s milk takes the lead at 53%, while 10.4% opt for the trendy oat drink.

Public Service Announcement from the North Pole: Santa’s Choice

Our cheeky chief elf has a North Pole PSA: Santa’s choice is silver top whole milk. Creamy and satisfying, silver top milk helps fill Santa’s stomach and keeps him on task throughout the night.

With the abundance of dairy, sweet treats, and alcohol, it’s no wonder Santa chooses to visit in the dead of night. Whether propelled by Christmas wind or the spirit itself, Santa’s journey is a spectacle we wouldn’t want to miss.

Christmas Eve Plate for Santa: Convenience at Your Doorstep

To make your Christmas Eve plate preparations a breeze, consider adding all your goodies to your next milk round. Get them delivered straight to your doorstep with our scrumptiously sustainable produce. From milk to sweet treats, make this Christmas organized and delightful.

Get started now and sign up for up to three repeat orders a week. And for those last-minute additions, feel free to add to your order until 8 pm the night before delivery. Because ensuring Santa has the perfect plate is a festive responsibility we all share.