Top 6 Ceiling Trends of 2021 – Which One Will You Pick?

Ceiling Trends

Are you obsessed with keeping up with the latest interior design trends? Then we have an article you’ll want to read. Today we’re going through six top ceiling design trends that have been circulating since the beginning of 2021. Keep reading to find inspiration for your ceiling.

1. Skylights to Add Natural Light

If you’re looking for a way to add natural light to a dark room then you may want to consider a skylight. There are various types of skylights Melbourne service providers and other across the country offer and they will give you advice of which one will be ideal for your ceiling.

The skylights installation Melbourne and other major cities’ vendors offer will ensure that your fixture is securely placed in any ceiling location you want.

The reason skylights are trending is that they’re energy efficient. Since people are becoming more environmentally aware, creating sustainable homes has become more important. But you’ll also love how skylights create a warm and open atmosphere in any room.

Besides being energy efficient skylights are also perfect for highlighting featured textured walls. So, if you have a specific part of your home that you want to illuminate such as an indoor garden, a skylight would be a wonderful addition to your ceiling.

2. Glow in the Dark Murals

A ceiling mural is an ancient ceiling decoration idea. However, in the modern world people have spruced up the ceiling mural idea by adding glow in the dark paint to images. So when you turn the light off you’ll see patterns you wouldn’t be able to see in daylight.

If you don’t want the ceiling mural to show during the day you can paint the entire image with glow in the dark paint. The image will then only be seen at night when the lights are off. Some ceiling murals are paired with skylights, pendant lights and other fixtures to make the image pop.

Typically people will paint fantasy type pictures on their ceilings namely dragons, fairylands or unicorns. However, you can paint your ceiling however you would like!

3. 3D Ceiling Patterns

Do you want to give your house weird and wonderful aesthetics? 3D ceiling patterns will give you the unique look you’re going for. You can make your ceiling look higher than what it is by simply painting 3D patterns on it.

Right now the trending ceiling patterns are spirals, squares and cracks. If you’re not an artist you can always get a professional to come and paint your ceiling for you. On the other hand painting the patterns aren’t the only way to achieve a 3D effect. Add fixtures with lighting that gives the illusion of a 3D pattern.

4. Glossy Finishes

Also, glossy ceilings are all the rage at the moment and they really are beautiful when you add colour to them. The most popular glossy ceiling colour is teal because it’s a fresh shade that adds a tranquil vibe to a room. Cool tones such as blues and greens give a coastal aesthetic to your home.

Enhance the gloss of the ceiling by adding the correct lighting. Some people will opt for low hanging chandeliers or wall lanterns so the light can reflect off of the ceiling to make it appear shinier.

5. False Ceilings

A major trend of 2020 for homes is a false ceiling. This is achieved by dropping a secondary ceiling that’s hung below the main ceiling and it’s typically used to conceal wires. The advantage of a false ceiling is that it’s both functional and decorative. They are functional for concealing fire sprinklers, lights and it’s used for soundproofing. For decoration, you can create aesthetically pleasing shapes with materials such as wood, fibre and glass to add a sophisticated look to your home.

False ceilings are done in any shapes but the most popular ones are ovals and squares. A common design is having a square false ceiling in the middle of your main one and framing it with pendant lights to highlight the sides of the shape.

6. Stretch Ceilings

A stretched ceiling has two main features: a perimeter track and a lightweight casing made from fabric that clips into the track. These perimeters are created with either fabric or PVC film. You can select between gloss, satin or matt designs

This ceiling design is used to cover walls and to defuse lights. Popular creative shapes for stretched ceilings are rounded but you’ll see many trending designs in 2020 such as:

  • 3D printing and graphic designs
  • Mirror surfaces
  • Concaved frames
  • Multi-level designs

Stretched ceilings are ideal for longer and wider bedrooms, lounges & living rooms.

Final Thoughts 

Did you find a ceiling design ideal for your home? If you’re looking for a natural light source opt for a skylight because these fixtures are ideal for any room. Or you could use every design mentioned in this article for each room in your house. That way, each room will have a unique ceiling that’s awe-inspiring.

So spruce your ceiling up with these trending 2020 designs to give your home a modern appeal.