Why Picking the Right Chair is So Important

Why Picking the Right Chair is So Important

Chairs are designed to make you sit comfortably and provide adequate support for your back, right? With such a wide variety of chairs available ranging from ultra-chic to super comfortable how do you know which one is right for you?

Firstly, looks shouldn’t be the main criteria when picking a chair. The ergonomics of a chair is one of the main factors to consider. Classic seats such as a leather recliner chair or office chairs give you maximum comfort and should be top of mind. Leather recliners have the added benefit of luxury and durability linked to it. Leather is timeless and can last you a lifetime.

You can see there is much to consider. In this article, we’ll unpack the features of a solid chair. We’ll also share the health risks that come with bad posture. Lastly, we’ll share the benefits of picking the right chair for your body type.

Features of a Proper Chair

Use this as a checklist when you’re shopping for a suitable chair:

  • Comfort: The main reason why chairs were designed was to provide relief from constantly being on your feet. Chairs evolved and became a source of decoration & sophistication instead. But the world is slowly returning to the original purpose of a chair after years of bad posture and unhealthy sitting habits. Comfort has become the main factor once again.
  • Design: There’s nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful chair to add to the ambience of your house or office. Leather recliners remain a favourite because of the durability and sophistication of leather. It matches most spaces’ style because of its unassuming design. Chairs such as wingback chairs and recliner chairs have a plush seat & full back support for extra comfort.
  • Ergonomics: What’s the deal with ergonomics anyway? It simply means the design of the chair should be moulded to give you the best support for your body. Use this checklist to see if your chair is ergonomic or not.
  • Durability: You don’t want to spend a heap of money on a chair that won’t last you long, right? It’s important to check what materials were used in the design of a chair. Leather, plastic or fabric are some of the materials used in making a chair. Opt for only the best quality materials for a longer lifespan.

Health Risks Connected to Bad Posture

Why do you think there’s so much talk about the right posture when you’re sitting down these days? Could technology have something to do with it? Technology moves us closer and closer to our screens & you should be more aware of your sitting habits.

We spend so much time sitting in front of the TV, laptops or even our mobile devices. Slouching and leaning forward has become one of the most harmful habits we practice. Never in human history has people sat as much as we do now in the twentieth century. This has caused the medical fraternity to warn people of the risks of the wrong posture. Here are some of the risks you should be aware of:

  • Sitting in the wrong posture can cause neck, shoulder and back pain
  • It can cause digestion problems
  • Your lungs become weak over time because you’re not breathing properly
  • Blood circulation is hampered as a result of a restricting posture
  • You can create a curve in your spine which can lead to spine misalignment
  • Headaches can become a norm when sitting incorrectly

It sounds almost unbelievable when you look at the degree of harm you do as a result of poor posture, right? Luckily there are solutions; it’s simply time to adopt healthier sitting habits. Recliner chairs remind you to sit back and relax. On top of that, it provides sufficient support for your back.

Advantages of Using the Right Chair

Picking the correct chair for your unique frame comes with health and economic benefits. Here are some of the most celebrated advantages:

  • When you’re comfortable you can sit longer and that leads to increased productivity at work
  • Your spine stays healthier since it’s more protected
  • You’ll experience less back pain problems
  • An immediate reduction of unnecessary medical expenses as a result of poor posture
  • You’ll enjoy a better quality of life with fewer health problems

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the health risks associated with bad posture, are you willing to make the switch to a more suitable chair? Your health is at risk so make sure you pay special attention to where and how you sit next time.

Isn’t it interesting to know a chair isn’t simply a chair, but there are so many factors to consider when picking one? Next time you buy a chair, make sure to pick one that fits your body like a glove. Your back will thank you for it.