A Guide To App Store Optimization

Guide To App Store Optimization

Do you want to rank a particular application you have just designed? You need to optimize it for maximum downloads. ASO strategy refers to ranking the mobile apps on the play store. The more downloads per day, the more your application ranks. To get the best app store optimization services, you may look no further than eClixTech, the best app store optimization agency in the town. 

Look no further! In the following guide, we will let you know how you could do that by following the guide given in it.

What Is The Process of App Store Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization can be contrasted. Users of app stores use search terms to locate specific apps and games, and app stores can also suggest other apps based on their interests and demand. 

Keyword optimization, search and sponsored ads, subcategory rankings, and top charts or apps featured in Google Play or the App Store are examples of common ASO strategies. All these strategies are followed by the experts of eClixTech to provide you with the most updated app store optimization services. 

You must first comprehend how consumers find and search for apps if you want to increase your organic growth. Making your software simple to find by the right users is the first step to increasing downloads.

Organic Optimization: Your ASO Foundation

The crucial component absent from many ASO marketing delivery strategies is the integration of app stores into the larger organic marketing mix and organic search optimization.

ASO and SEO are less in conflict with one another than they are with each other. Numerous search marketing advantages can be supported by combining these areas and applying a consistent focus on ASO.

Many of the conventional SEO techniques that are effective for search engine efficiency may also be directly applied to ASO, which may surprise you. This understanding may be tricky to understand for you. But eClixTech knows better how to retain top-notch app store optimization services so that your app can be ranked organically. 


The following are the app store optimization tools that may assist you in ranking a particular application:

  • Optimization of the name, title, and URL
  • ASO keyword research
  • production and management of app ratings and reviews
  • A deep connection within mobile apps
  • Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS) index apps
  • Optimizing the click-through rate (CTR)

How are Mobile Apps Found and Downloaded by Users?

In online app shops like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, people look for particular applications. 80% of smartphone users use search to discover new apps. In addition, 68% of all downloads happen right after a search. The most popular way to find new apps is through app store searches.

Last Words:

The quantity of downloads for an app directly ties to its search ranking position. The more visible your app is, the higher it will appear in the search results. And it can only be done in real means if you get app store optimization services from a reputed agency like eClixTech. 

Since users typically don’t look through all of the search results, higher-ranking apps also get more downloads. Typically, they focus on the top 10 or so. Because of this, getting a top rank is essential for an app to succeed.