Steps to Find the Right Photographer for You in Dubai

Steps to Find the Right Photographer for You in Dubai

There are moments in life when our phone camera isn’t enough to capture what is in front of our eyes. This is when we need a professional photographer to do what our camera phones could not. The problem, however, is that almost everyone with a professional camera in Dubai claims to be a professional photographer. Granted that it took some innate skills to be a photographer, but most of it is a learnt art that requires proper training and experience. So finding that one person in Dubai who is a perfect blend of innate skills, proper experience and training can sometimes be challenging. This article outlines seven steps to help you book best photographer in Dubai.

  1. Research the Kind of Photography You Want

Not every photographer can perform all kinds of photography. To make your search for the perfect photographer in Dubai easier, think of the type of photography you need to be done. There are many types of photography specializations – Celebrity, family, events, weddings, tourism and travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, and so much more. Look for versatility within each type – for instance, someone who can shoot family portraits as well as capture candid moments.

  1. Ask Around for Recommendations

Once you have decided on the kind of photography you need, ask around your contacts or social pages for any recommendations of photographers who meet your needs. Asking for recommendations is great as you often receive feedback from first-hand experience. Look out for names recommended by many people in your circle, as there might be some truth in those recommendations. Once you have a list of photographers, do your own research. See if their services are indeed suitable for your requirements. Any photographer worth their salt will have an elaborate portfolio of work published online to showcase their work to prospective clients.

Besides asking around, you can always search the internet for photographers in Dubai. It expands your options, and you can see instant samples and reviews of their work. Highlight the profiles of those who catch your eye. Find websites that review the works of photographers and suggest the best options.

  1. Shortlist Preferred Photographers

You should have a list of photographers you liked from the previous step by these steps. At this point, you should divide your list into two – the first is the list of your first choice photographers, and the other contains backups. Having backup photographers is to save you from going back to researching all over again in case your first choice list doesn’t pan out. There is always a chance that the photographer you choose may not work out. They may not be available for the date you want or out of your budget range.

  1. Contact them with your Requirements and Budget

Once you have shortlisted your photographers and divided them, contact your first choice list names with your date, time, style and budget. This is a crucial step that will help you narrow down the list of photographers you need to check and meet. Most photographers are open to negotiation, especially about the budget, but your aim at this step is to delete a few photographers off of your list. If a photographer doesn’t respond to enquiries, consider it a sign of unprofessionalism and remove them from consideration immediately.

  1. Meet the Photographer

Once you have a narrowed list of photographers, it would be easier for you to meet them and check them out in person. The goal here is to check the person’s vibe and decide if the chemistry between you and them is good. This is important as it is often the difference between good and great photographs. The key here is to ask a lot of questions regarding their personality, professional style and anything else that comes to mind. If the conversation and rapport don’t flow, they probably might not be the right fit for you. If things are seemingly awkward between the two of you, it will not make you feel at ease during the photoshoot, which will reflect in the photographs. 

  1. Ask for References

You obviously have some favourite photographers after meeting a few of them. Ask for their references and contact them to get a word about the photographer’s behaviour and final product. The references will put your mind at ease that you have made the right decision. If most of their references give positive feedback, consider it a good sign and go ahead with who you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Final Decision: Hit or Miss

After all the research and vetting, all that is left to do is to hire the photographer you like. If you are still confused about your decision, then rank your final choices based on quality, budget and vibe. The one who ranks high in all three categories is the best fit for you.

Follow these steps to find the best photographer in Dubai that meets your needs and budget. Finding the right photographer takes most of the stress away from your shoulders.