What are White-Label Reputation Management Solutions?

What are White-Label Reputation Management Solutions

Reputation management is fast becoming the most valuable white-label product on the web.

After all, all it takes is a couple of false, negative reviews, or a bad business listing to destroy the reputation a company has e tried to build up over several years.

But it isn’t easy. There are thousands of review sites out there, and many of them have hidden agendas such as a sponsorship on the part of your competitors.

And even if the review site is honest, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are saying nice things about your company

Worse yet, are the trolls. People with a perceived ax to grind, and they are determined, come hell or high water to destroy your business. The truth be damned. Somehow, destroying a business is how these people get their jollies.

Businesses of course can hire a reputable company to try to manage their business reputation but many of these reputation companies are far outside of most businesses pocketbook, charging $3,000 to $5,000 and more for six months of monitoring.

However, as many business owners have discovered for themselves there is a far cheaper method of reputation monitoring and reputation repair and that’s to do it themselves.

In order to self-monitor a companies reputation however, first of all, they need to know where the damage is coming from and to respond as quickly as possible to repair their business reputation.

For as little as $200 per month, White label reputation management software is available that helps a business keep track of all reviews on the internet.

And commercial white label reputation management software is available for a company or business to start their own reputation management service.

So what’s involved?

With the right software, a company managing their own reputation or a company anxious to get into the reputation business can be instantly notified of all reviews or comments about a company that appears on the web.

And since this information can change daily, or depending upon the size of the company, hourly, continuous reports are required.

The software identifies the Uniform Resource Locator Code or web address of the site, and may even indicate exactly where on the web page the new review or comment is posted.

Although reputation software is primarily used to protect a companies reputation it can also be used as recognition. Many review websites allow a company to respond to negative comments, but also to thank customers for positive reviews, which in turn builds up brand loyalty.

Another function of reputation software is to improve your client’s search engine rankings. Whenever online business listings are inaccurate or missing information from major directories and online listing sources occurs, your SEO rankings can suffer.

In addition, there are hundreds of links out there on the internet, and while search engines such as Google generally rate backlinks as a good thing, there are backlinks from other websites that a company may not wish to be associated with.

For example, a company may be racist, anti-female, or anti-government. Knowing those links are out there will allow contact with the webmaster and demand their removal.

If the company does not respond, a disavow letter can be sent to Google asking that the backlink be ignored. Bad backlinks are one of the worst offenders in the Google algorithm.

The plain fact is that with millions of web pages out there, having good reputation software is about the only way a business can respond quickly to reputation damage issues.