10 Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Special Someone

Love is a beautiful thing that needs to be shown and shared all the time. That is why there is a special day called Valentine’s Day to exchange gifts of love with our loved ones. There are several gifts offered on the market during this day; some are expensive while others are affordable and therefore, it is up to you to decide what you want.

If you are not so sure what he or she expects from you, here are 10 Valentine Gifts that they will definitely like.


FlowersValentine’s Day isn’t complete without a bouquet of red flowers. They are especially great gifts for the ladies. If you want to make her feel special and wanted on this day, try ordering a bouquet of red rose, a mixture of red and white carnations, or red and orange tulips. You can also try out others’ exotic Valentine’s Day blooms like the orchids or a bouquet of alstroemeria flowers. On this day take advantage of the various valentine day offers from flower deliveries where they deliver flowers straight to the recipient’s doorstep at affordable prices.

A Love birds Miniature Statuette

A Love birds Miniature StatuetteLove is in the air on this lovely day and every couple around the world is celebrating it in a special way. Another unique way to express what you feel towards your spouse is by giving her a miniature statuette of two lovers holding hands. This symbolizes what you feel for each other. This is a very simple but romantic gift that is easily found in gift shops and is quite romantic. You can also get it in many different colors but since the color of the day is red, this would make a perfect love statement. You can also try out different colors that you think your spouse will appreciate.

A Teddy Bear

A Teddy BearFor that special woman in your life that you love and cherish very much, a gift of a teddy bear is enough to send chills down her spine during this auspicious occasion. I can’t think of a woman who doesn’t love this stuffed animal. Kids also love teddy bears and you can also show love to your kids by giving them teddy bears during Valentine’s Day. The bigger, the better and they are also found in many shapes and colors. If it’s for your baby girl, pink or white is the best pick. For your wife or girlfriend, red is a great color that symbolizes deep love and affection.


JewelryJewelry holds a special place in women’s heart and you can’t go wrong with this gift. The beauty of this gift is that they are available in many different kinds. You can get her a gold necklace, silver earrings. Or a bronze bracelet. All these are awesome gifts to tell her how much you love her. If you have been planning to surprise her with a wedding proposal, this is the right time. You can do this by getting her diamond engagement ring accompanied by a dozen rose bouquets. Pick the best place to propose and get down on one knee to climax the occasion. This will be the best valentine’s day of her life. Not all jewelry is expensive, there are few quite affordable if you want to surprise her with one on this day.

A Love Gift Basket

A Love Gift BasketAnother popular gift during this romantic holiday that works for both men and women is a gift basket with a love theme. Fill your gift basket with goodies such as chocolate candies, chocolate cookies, or fruits. The color of the day is red, therefore ensure red is the dominant color in your gift basket. For a woman, the gift basket can contain beauty products such as her favorite body lotion, perfume or makeup products to compliment her beauty.

Scented Candles

Scented CandlesLove is in the air and it smells nice and you can complement it with a gift of aromatherapy candles that smell like heaven. The beauty of these candles is that they are available in many different scents and aromas so you can get him or her in her favorite scent. To cleanse and purify, we have lemongrass. There is also a scent to stimulate which is perfect with peppermint and for energy, you can try out sweet orange. Other awesome Valentine’s Day scented candles include tea tree for overall wellness, rosemary to help her mental focus, or lavender to calm her and help her sleep.

Gourmet Chocolate

Gourmet ChocolateThis time, don’t go for the old grocery candy; I can guarantee you that they won’t impress. The perfect delicacies or sweet treat will be the gourmet chocolate. This works for both men and women, so get a box of these treats with some lovely Valentine Flowers and surprise your loved one with. They also include chocolate cookies, biscuits, and heart-shaped candy to show your spouse that she or he is the only one occupying the love space in your heart.

A Book of Love Poems

A Book of Love PoemsSometimes the best gift of love is not expressed by material things, words also carry a lot of weight. You can achieve this by creating a love poem book and present it to her during this day. Women love when their men get creative to express their undying love for them. If you are not given in poetry, you can borrow a few lines from romantic literature books. Presentation is everything, therefore, use your creative bone to create a lovely poem book.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Hand Painted Wine GlassesWine glasses also make an awesome romantic gift during Valentine’s Day gifts. In this case, make it special by getting her a set of hand-painted glasses so that she will remember you with as you toast to your love. Wine glasses are available in many shapes and sizes so get the one that she likes. These glasses are quite elegant and stylish for any occasion you may have and want to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. You can also get her stemless or stemmed, frosted, gold-rimmed, or clear crystal set of wine glasses.

A Heated Throw

A Heated ThrowFor the cold winter nights, a heated throw is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, if you hardly spend the nights together. To make him or her feel comfortable, pick a soft plush of velvet throw will do the trick. To make it better and romantic choose a deep red color to symbolize the depth of your love for your spouse.

Final thoughts

Don’t let this day pass without expressing your love to your spouse or loved one. Don’t focus so much on cost as this may discourage you to get a gift. The above ten gifts are quite affordable and you can get one that is within your gift budget.