MyOLSD Portal: Olentangy School Login with SAML & Quickcard-

MyOLSD Portal

Technology has become very much advanced with the continuous research and development process. It has been a blessing for the whole world, at least to those who have proper access to the benefits of such development. And this became more prominent in the last two years during a pandemic. 

Since every mundane field of our lives has become dependent on technology, it plays a greater role in continuing education as well. For the last two years, an emergency has brought the whole society into stagnancy. During the first 3 months, everything had been stopped for a while. But later on, everything started to bring in a ‘new normal. School, college, office- every institution found their suitable ways to carry on with their works. And that has become possible only with the help of technology. 

Discussing academics, there have been some apps and portals that played the role of a boon to keep the process going even within adverse situations. One such portal is the myOLSD Portal that we will discuss here. In this article, one will find detailed ideas of what the portal is, how one can use it, the benefits, and the effectiveness of its usage. 

What is myOLSD Portal?

MyOLSD is a very popular and useful web portal. The main function of this portal is to maximize the benefits of the people in the academic field. The platform is set up by ‘Classlink’. This is an online cloud portal created to serve educational purposes. From class discussion to class teaching, examination, meetings, and seminars- one can find everything about their school here. 

During the pandemic, this portal has helped many schools to continue with the teaching and learning process. It is very easy to handle. It has a user-friendly surface. Both students, teaching and non-teaching staff can get benefits from this app and portal. Especially for the students, there are some applications available in the portal. They can have access to the ones according to their needs. From grades to course material and attendance, everything is possible to access through this site by the students. 

MyOLSD has gained more popularity after the Olentangy School has taken the initiative to start something new like this. With the pandemic, everything has started to become a ‘new normal. Olentangy School has also taken the initiative to turn offline schooling into online. It has become beneficial for the students, teachers, and the other staff as well. 

About Olentangy School:

The Olentangy School is more than a district than a school. It is present in Southern Delaware County. It also has a smaller southern portion of Franklin County in the United States of Ohio included within it. It has been renowned as one of the largest premises of educational services. The whole school premise is stretched through 95 square miles with some primary and secondary schools from different countries as well, operating under it. 

It is a famous institution that serves student needs from different municipalities with necessary aids and content. Its attribution includes cities like Delaware, Westerville, Powell, Columbus, etc. It even has taken the responsibility to serve the student needs from the unincorporated communities of Lewis Centre. Besides, students from Genoa, Concord, Berlin, and Berkshire also get benefits from this service. 

Olentangy School has become so popular amongst the students that it has a global name of it. It is no more just a school. Rather, it is more famous as the Olentangy School District. 

This school tried to modify as well as simply the supporting system to all the students and teachers of the respective schools from the above-mentioned premises. Hence, their innovative venture is this myOLSD Portal. Below in detail, we will discuss the pre-requirements and the process of login into the portal. This article will also discuss the benefits of using this app as well.

The required Credentials for MyOLSD Log in:

MyOLSD is a very popular portal for the teachers as well as the students. But, before having access to the beneficial portal, one needs to first register and then log in to the site. Below are the important credentials required to register to the site.

  1. The accurate web address for the MyOLSD Portal or app.
  2. A valid username and password for valid login to the portal. 
  3. The access platform- PC, Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet that can connect and hold internet connection and 
  4.  Stable and high-speed internet connection.

Detailed Procedure for login:

To have access to any official site, it is important to have a registered account. Nothing is different in the case of the myOLSD Portal. At the very beginning, the user needs to open an account by registering to the portal. It is a very smooth process; there will be no hurdle in creating it. One can create on their own. If there is a problem, there is an official helping portal from Olentangy School District Administration as well to guide you through the registration process. 

Once the account creates, the portal will provide you with your personal and exclusive username and password. These will be your required login credentials for access to the portal. After acquiring this information, you will need to follow the below-mentioned process to log in. 

Steps to follow to Log in to myOLSD Portal:

  1. At first, the user needs to search the official portal of myOLSD in the browser. 
  2. In the next step, they need to visit a page by clicking on the following URL- 
  3. After successful entrance to the page, click on the myOLSD log-in button. 
  4. This will redirect the user to another page pop-up login.
  5. In the following step, the user needs to input their exclusive credentials (username and password) to the exact locations. 
  6. At last, they would need to click on the Sign In button. 

There is heavy traffic in this portal since thousands of people are using it every day. Hence, the steps might take a little longer than usual to perform. You need to be a little patient. And on any circumstance, do not hit the refresh button in the middle of any processing steps. 

After putting in the correct username and password, you will be successful in registering and creating an account in the myOLSD Portal. Now it has become easier for the user to have access to it anytime from anywhere. All the important information would be available to them from this site. 

Alternative: Log in Process to myOLSD through Classlink Quickard:

It is quite possible to happen that one forgets about the login credentials for the portal. There is nothing to panic about. If there is a problem, there has to be a solution. Here we mention an alternative way to login to myOLSD Portal through Classlink Quickard.

The school district itself is using the method of ‘classlink single sin on’ to cater and avail all the information regarding the users’ needs. Since it is an online cloud portal, the saved information remains forever. It does not save the files in the system so that the user could get access to the information only when they are using the system. As the information stored in the cloud, they can access it from anywhere. It is very useful for the students as well as the teaching-non teaching staffs of the schools. 

Below is the procedure to follow to log in to the myOLSD Portal through Classlink Quickcard. 

  1. The first step is as same as that of the myOLSD Portal. The user needs to search for the myOLSD Portal in the browser. 
  2. Next, the user needs to enter the website through the link-
  3. After entering the site, one needs to click on the QuickCard Icon instead of the myOLSD login button. 
  4. In the following step, a pop-up will come up. It will ask the user to have access to its camera. There will be two options- cancel and allow. The user must allow it. 
  5. Next, you would need to wave the QuickCard with the QR code on the front screen. 

Once you put in the right credentials, QuickCard will verify you as the correct user. After verification, you can log in to your myOLSD account in the portal.

On Forgetting the Password of the myOLSD account:

For every individual, there is a common nightmare when they register in any official account. And that is to forget about the password. Since it has become a common problem, the internet community has come up with a backup policy. Every time a person requires to login into the account, there is an option of ‘Forgot my password or any other similar option to help them out. 

In the case of the myOLSD Portal, the procedure is the same. If you forget the password, you can click on the option of ‘Forgot my Password’. 

Or there is another better option. You can contact the Olentangy Local School District Authorities or Administrative directly. They can always help you out and sort your problem in no time. Rather, it would be a less hazardous process to solve the problem. 

Advantages and Benefits of using myOLSD Portal: (both Students and staff)

myOLSD provides several benefits to its users. Students and teachers, who fall under the aided service of Olentangy Local School Districts, can enjoy these benefits. Below are the advantages one can enjoy while using the myOLSD Portal

  1. Access to the portal for its users is free from anywhere, at any time. Since it is an online cloud where the information storage takes place, it is accessible from any system. 
  2. It is as same as that of the offline administrative office. One can do all the important and necessary things from here, online with perfect accuracy. Hence, there is the least need of visiting the offline administrative office. It is an accurate as well as energy and time-saving portal as well. 
  3. All important information is available in this portal. Especially the schedule given by the Olentangy Local School District for both students and teachers is up to date in this portal. One can keep a track of their necessary duties just by logging in through this app. 
  4. Another exclusive benefit for the students is free to access Google Drive. They can borrow information from here. At the same time, they can also save the information in Google Drive to have quicker and easier access to those. 
  5. One can also get access to other important academic apps like Discover Education, PowerSchool, and Schoology. 

Important FAQs:

 Since this portal has become so popular in so small periods, people are always asking questions on various aspects of this myOLSD Portal. Here, we are mentioning the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on this site.

  1. Is it possible to access the myOLSD Portal from home?

Ans: Yes, anyone can have access to their myOLSD account from anywhere. From home to Cyber café- as long as there is a stable internet connection and ready credentials, you can have access to it from anywhere. 

  1. What is myOLSD Portal?

Ans: MyOLSD is an online helpline portal introduced by Olentangy Local School District (OLSD). This portal provides information about different important things in the contemporary world. Both the employees and the students can have schedule info, updates, information, and more from this site. They can be anywhere. Just they need to provide the proper credentials. 

  1. Name two or three Education apps that one can access through the myOLSD Portal.

Ans: With the help of this portal, the students can get access to various important apps like Schoology, Google Drive, Powerschool. And the students can have access to it for free. 


MyOLSD Portal is one of the most authentic and student-friendly portals around the world. The above guide will help you log in to the portal through many sites. It will be completely hassle-free. Also, the benefits that a member can enjoy make it a very popular choice for the students and staff of the Olentangy Local School District area.