The 3 Expenses You Least Expect When You Move House

Expenses You Least Expect When You Move House

Everybody knows that moving to a new house is going to get expensive. There are a lot of things to pay for such as movers, storage fees, and upgrades to the new house. There are a lot of things that will add up but that is not surprising. 

However, there are always some hidden expenses that you were not prepared to encounter. When you are a first-time homeowner you don’t have the experience to understand some of the things that you’re going to be paying for. If you don’t know about these hidden expenses then you’ll be interested to read more. In this article, we will go over the expenses lurking in your new house that you might have to pay for.

1 – An exterminator

When you did your walk-through of the house before you put in your offer, there may not have been any obvious signs of an infestation. However, now that you are in the house, you suddenly realize that you have a pest problem. 

The issue could be mice running around inside your walls and getting into the cabinets in your kitchen. You may even be faced with bed bugs that you didn’t realize were there. 

There are ways of taking care of these problems yourself, but you are likely going to have these problems for years if you don’t do it correctly. Hiring an exterminator like NY Bed Bug Dogs will pinpoint where your problems lie and eradicate them immediately.  

Having the place cleared out of pests before you move in is the ideal way to go. It’s easier and ultimately cheaper to do it this way even though it is an unexpected expense. 

2 – HVAC repairs

If you bought your house during the winter, then you likely didn’t check to make sure that the air conditioner worked. Then, the hot weather arrived and you realized that it was very weak even though it was always running. The reverse may also be true if you bought your house in the summer. 

It is very likely that there is something wrong with the compressor or there needs to be a thorough cleanout of the ducts and filters. Either way, this is an expense that you aren’t likely to see coming. If you plan to use your heating and air conditioning then you’re just going to have to pay. 

3 – Insurance

You certainly expect to have to pay for insurance when you buy a home. That in itself is not an unexpected expense since it is required and non-negotiable. However, there can still be an unexpected expense tied in with your insurance. 

You can still end up with sticker shock when you see what you have to buy for coverage that you weren’t expecting. For instance, the zoning of the area could change before you buy the house so what the old owner was paying is no longer the case. Flood zones can definitely change and then you are required to buy flood coverage.